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   Chapter 1459 Extra Story 62 Of Mark Standoff

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A faint smile touched Addison's lips as his eyes fell on the man who had paused to look back at him. For a while, they stared at each other, ignoring the distractions of the boisterous party. A few people noticed something was going on between the two.

From where she sat, Sally also saw them. The dim light in her corner helped conceal the fear in her heart, but her face went pale in a moment.

Sandra and Aby looked at Addison and Sally, and then at the man who was flanked by a group of heavily-built men as he walked toward Addison. Both of them were petrified, seeing him get closer and closer.

"Aby. If I'm not mistaken, that is Mr. Robert Shangguan. Right?" Sandra asked, a look of surprise showing on her face.

Aby nodded with a blank expression. "I never thought the mysterious magnate would be here for such a low-key press conference. I just can't believe my eyes!" To convince himself that he was not dreaming, he pinched himself on the thigh. "Ouch! It' real!" he moaned.

Sandra gave him a sideways glance. The sarcasm in her look was clear. But just as she was about to say something, the man stopped in front of Addison. The two were of almost the same height and build. Both of them were handsome and charming. Having inherited his family's good looks, Addison stood out in the crowd, but the man beside him was no less striking. The man's manly demeanor made up for all minor flaws in his appearance.

As leaders of two major multinational groups within the top 50 on the Forbes list, both of them were highly respected.

Having the two luminaries appear on the same stage, everything else seemed to fade into the background. Everything included Sally.

"How you doing? It's been a while." Robert was the first to greet.

They shook hands, both looking calm and affable. "Fine. How are you?" Addison answered. There was a smile on his lips but none in his cold eyes. "It's always good to have someone like you drop by."

Robert withdrew his hand with a courteous smile. "I thought you had been waiting for me."

Addison nodded a little curtly. "I'll not deny it." Although his smile deepened, his eyes were nonchalant. "But, it's still a surprise that you're here." After shaking hands, Addison casually aske

o longer stayed all the time at the bar he kept for the memory of Ava. He started to travel the world and collect wines.

"Then you had your revenge. The wine you are drinking is stolen from Hawk's stash." Addison's tone was casual. He was more like a mischievous young boy now, no longer the aggressive business tycoon he had been a moment ago.

Robert smiled. "It's not a good habit."

"I learned it from Uncle Eric." Addison just shrugged.

The tension between ebbed, as though the standoff was just the opening remarks for their friendly chatter. And they were just two old friends talking about their lives, not at all the men who had the whole world on a string.

The atmosphere in the garden was relaxed and cheerful, so was that in the party.

Sally sat between Elsa and Evelyn. She didn't feel it in M Country but now she understood why Addison always felt helpless when he faced Evelyn. Addison must have been coddling his sister all the time and his helplessness was understandable considering her personality. Evelyn should be an oddball in an environment like the Long Family.

"Wow, I ate too much. I feel bloated!" Evelyn finished another serving of dessert and took a deep breath with satisfaction. "Chilton did a great job. He knew we would be here and finally found a good cook."

Ezra rolled his eyes and said, "I'm afraid the headlines of tomorrow will surprise you. The Flight Media and Dragon served tasteless food for the launch of their co-operative phone."

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