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   Chapter 1458 Extra Story 61 Of Mark Paparazzi

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Charlie responded with a gentle smile. He looked as elegant as a prince the whole time. In a well-fitted white suit, he looked charming and handsome.

After the interview, the assistant politely guided the media staff out of the room. While stroking his forehead slightly, Charlie complained, "Could you please let me know in advance before agreeing to any kind of exclusive interview next time?"

Chilton shrugged. "I figured it would help promote our cooperation. Besides, it wasn't confirmed until a couple of hours ago..." He paused suddenly, crossing his arms over his chest in a leisurely manner and observing Charlie. Seeing the fatigue on the latter's face, he asked, "Are you feeling uncomfortable? Is something wrong?"

Shaking his head, Charlie answered, "Katie wasn't feeling well before we came back. I wasn't able to catch any rest during the flight." In a vexed tone, he continued, "Evelyn is always energetic. It's always a nightmare for me when she and Elsa get together."

With a big smile on his face, Chilton took much pleasure in Charlie's misfortune. "You and Mr. Addison Long are both responsible for spoiling Evelyn. You can't blame anybody else, but yourselves. Actually, I take that back. I believe that the only person to blame is you. You're just suffering from the consequences of your own actions now." After taking a pause, he added, "But sometimes I wonder how Ezra tolerates Evelyn. It's so amazing." A meaningful smile formed at the corners of his mouth. Chilton turned around and walked towards the door. "The wine party is about to start. You'd better get ready immediately."

Charlie stroked his forehead, forcing a smile, before following Chilton out of the room. He didn't agree with Chilton on the analysis of Evelyn's disposition. Outsiders had no idea that the person who spoiled Evelyn the most in the Long Family was neither he nor Addison but their dear father, Brian. He didn't think that Chilton had analyzed Ezra correctly either. The reason why Ezra could tolerate Evelyn was not because he was a "yesman", but because he loved Evelyn more than anyone in the world. If not for that, the Long Family would not have accepted him as a family member or allowed him to marry Evelyn.

Since many celebrities in politics and business as well as stars from the film and entertainment industry attended the event, the wine party was a collective of glamour as a whole. Flight Media was very generous to give away exclusively customized cell

p with him since I haven't seen him for a long time. That's all." His smile deepened. Leaning in towards Sally, Addison whispered to her ear, "But he could never take your place in my heart."

Addison's intense stare and sugar-coated words made Sally's cheeks blush red in an instant.

Aby and Sandra didn't sit near Addison and Sally because they didn't dare to be near Addison despite their good acting skills. As a result, they could only see Addison's and Sally's expressions and movements, but they could not hear what they were talking about.

"Alas! What a pity," Sandra mumbled in a very low voice. She looked quite regretful.

Aby, however, was not as crestfallen as she was. Having realized that he still had a long way to go before he could prove the existence of Addison and Sally's relationship, Aby showed more patience than Sandra.

All of a sudden, unexpected noises came bursting in through the door, followed by a never-ending flash of lights. Almost instantly, everyone's attention was drawn towards the door. The moment both Aby and Sandra turned their sights to the door, Aby's eyes opened wide with excitement.

"Oh my God! What is a member of the Shangguan Family doing here?" he sighed. Out of the crowd, a man in a silver suit walked into the hall with one hand tucked in his trouser pocket. "I never thought he would attend such a wine party. What a surprise!"

Sitting at the table, Sally was struck dumb at the sight of the man. Without a conscious thought, her nerves forced her to clasp her dress tightly. Locking her panic-riddled eyes at the man who was walking forward, Sally felt a sudden shortness of breath.

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