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   Chapter 1457 Extra Story 60Of Mark Paparazzi (Part Two)

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When he heard what the editor-in-chief said, the man knew that he was too afraid to publish the photos right away. However, on second thought, he realized that the editor-in-chief's plan was acceptable, although all his efforts would be in vain if Addison were to marry another woman. In the end, he had no choice but to hope for the best.

As a more seasoned and sophisticated pressman, the editor-in-chief had heard many anecdotes about the Long Family. Therefore, he knew that the Long Family had a tradition of persistence when it came to true love. Besides, Addison didn't have the reputation of a playboy. Moreover, there had never been any rumors about his relationship in the past. The editor-in-chief firmly believed that the woman in the photos was important to Addison. "Tomorrow evening the Flight Media will hold an event, right? You can go there together with Sandra." After taking a pause, he added in a meaningful tone, "Perhaps then you can pay more attention to Mr. Addison Long and this woman." He was pointing at Sally in a photo with his finger.

The man curled his lips in a faint momentary smile of agreement. "It seems like I have no choice but to hope that you are right," he said.

Perhaps a pressman should have both a good nose for news and a gambler's heart.

The next day arrived with a warm kiss from the bright sun. Early in the morning, all the channels, including the news channel, financial channel and entertainment channel, were broadcasting news about the upcoming launch of the latest cellphone jointly developed by Flight Media and Dragon. The public paid attention not only to the new ZL series cell phones, but also to the after party that was to take place at the Smile Hotel in the evening.

The entire city was abuzz because all three children of Brian Long—Addison, Charlie and Evelyn—would be attending the party. Together with the senior executives of Flight Media and Dream Media as well as the stars signed to both companies, the party was set to be one of the biggest events of the year. The media and the public paid attention not only to the celebrities in politics and business, but also to the underlying qualms among the ladies from the upper class.

Sitting comfortably on a sofa in the villa, Addison was having a video conference with someone on the screen of h

r, Richie. He willingly chose to give up the one thing he valued the most, his freedom, in order to serve as the ruler of Dragon Island for the sake of Richie and Shirley's happiness. The Smile Hotel hadn't been built until he had become the ruler. The humble beginnings of the Smile Hotel started with only one branch, which was located in T City. However, now there were more than fifty branches spread throughout the whole world. The profits from all the branches belonged to Shirley. This assured Frank that if Richie were to become impoverished in the future, Shirley would be able to support him on her own.

Since today's event was about the launch of a new product and Flight Media was in media industry, the wine party today would be open to those working in the media. As a result, media staff could be seen buzzing about everywhere, both outside and inside the hotel. With cameras in their hands, the press photographers kept clicking photos. The large number of media staff created an alarmingly chaotic scene outside the hotel. In order to keep order, only some of the influential media outlets were allowed to enter the hotel, while the rest had no choice but to take photos from outside the hotel.

"Mr. Charlie Long and Mr. Lu, thank you both very much for agreeing to do an interview this time!" The biggest television station in T City had managed to get an exclusive interview of the two key figures of this event. A mere thirty minutes' interview was going to be more than enough to boost their popularity in the next few days.

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