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   Chapter 1455 Extra Story 58 Of Mark A Mistake

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9955

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Instantly, her face paled; all the colors on her face drained out. Suddenly, she took a few steps back and clenched her fists; her lips twitched uncontrollably. When Leonardo raised his face to peer at the angry Nina, he coincidentally looked at Sally's direction. Sally was so scared that she immediately turned around and quickly walked out of the Romantic Club.

She was suddenly like a ghost wandering in the streets of T City. When she was faced with pedestrians and cars, she would stop and let them go first; when she was at crossings, she would follow the signals from the traffic lights. Her body was operating on its own without any instruction from the mind. She couldn't think straight. It was as if she had lost her senses.

"Beep! Beep!


Piercing sound of whistles blew on the road. Sally was numbly standing on the pedestrian crossing, looking at the cars in front of her. There was nothing in her mind. Even her body stopped functioning anymore.

The driver had no choice but to turn the steering wheel and avoid Sally. As he did, he cursed at her for causing such a hassle, but Sally couldn't hear anything anymore.

When the traffic light turned green, pedestrians started to cross the road. Some people noticed the strange wanderer on the road and kindly reminded her to be careful, but after their attempts and receiving no response from Sally, they gave up helping her.

When traffic light changed color, cars started to flash across the road once again, bypassing Sally, but none of it seemed to worry her. Luckily, a man recklessly dashed to her and told her to stay on the pavement. When she didn't respond, he then pulled her to rush to the sidewalk.

Gradually, Sally regained her senses. She felt tired and gasped for air after the rush. Before her breathing turned steady again, the man questioned angrily, "Are you trying to get killed?! Do you have to do this?"

Finally Sally recognized this evil man. The surprise in her eyes turned into a much horrible shock. Almost automatically, she took some steps back to keep some distance from the man. When she almost stepped onto the road again, the man grabbed her arm.

Leonardo rolled his eyes, thinking, 'If I remember correctly, this woman is the one that left when I was out arguing with Nina at the Romantic Club. Hmm…at least she wore the same clothes.'

"Hello, what's wrong with you?" Leonardo asked. "Is it because you're forced to work in the Romantic Club by Nina?" After he posed the questions to her, he berated himself, 'God damn it! What happened to me? Why am I meddling with strange things these few days?'

Sally kept her head low and felt Leonardo's grip on her arm. Suddenly, her breathing turned fast and horror occupied her eyes. Abruptly shaking his hand off her arm, she turned and ran away.

Leonardo's hand was still hanging in the air as he looked at the woman's back with confusion. "Do I look ugly or scary? Even though I'm not awfully handsome,

rangers. Or you can take a taxi to the company and ask the reception to pay for you first. It's better than wandering around, isn't it?" Eyeing Addison, Sally argued back, "If I borrow a phone from strangers, what if they think I'm a thief? What if they think I want to snatch their phones away? After all, this is a common trick that they use. They would say that they need to use a phone for a call, but they run with it. Plus, it's late now. The person at the reception is already off work. If I take a cab to your company, I might not find anyone to pay for me."

Addison knew that she was just justifying her actions. "Well..." he said

"Addison, I'm hungry," Sally interrupted him. She knew pretty well what kind of person Addison was. If he were to continue to question her, he would surely discover her little secret. She didn't want to expose that side to him. She had thought that the only thing she didn't want him to know was her seven years in prison, but then she realized that she had forgotten the reason why she got jailed in the first place.

'If I made a mistake in the past, am I going to be labelled with it for the rest of my life?' she pondered.

Addison noticed that Sally didn't want to talk about it. Despite his strong desire to figure it out, he didn't have the heart to dig to the bottom of the matter which she didn't want to reveal to him. Ultimately, he nodded his head, giving up, and said, "What do you want to eat?"

Sally wasn't in any mood to eat right now. She just pointed at one of the grand restaurants on the road and said, "I've been sitting here for a long time, and I kept looking at this restaurant. I've heard from the passersby that it's a fantastic place to eat. And, it's very expensive!" After she said that, she pursed her lips and studied Addison's face.

Amused by her actions, Addison laughed and shook his head to heave a sigh. Pulling her hand, he stood up and said, "Indeed it's a bit expensive, but I can afford it!"

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