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   Chapter 1454 Extra Story 57 Of Mark A Mistake

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The car headed towards the Romantic Club.

Wyatt had maintained a deadpan look throughout the journey. Even though he was always like that, Sally still could feel his vexation towards her.

"I'm sorry," Sally apologized.

"Miss Li, you don't have to apologize. You shouldn't be apologizing." Wyatt's voice was still cold and emotionless, going on like he was just simply stating the truth. "I'm just Young Master's shadow. He's the one making the decision."

Sally finally fell into silence, guilt creeping into her veins. If she were Wyatt, she would also be angry. But if there was something she couldn't control, it was her emotions.

"Miss Li, have you decided?" Wyatt suddenly asked after a brief moment of silence.

"Yes?" Sally was lost in her trance, not hearing what Wyatt had just said.

Peering at Sally from the rear mirror, Wyatt asked for the second time, "Miss Li, have you decided to be with Young Master?"

Sally thought for a moment and firmly answered, "Yes."

Wyatt took another glance at Sally from the mirror, then he looked at the front. "Since you've finally made up your mind, please stay resolute and firm with your decision. If you happen to change your mind, not only would it affect you, but also Young Master,"

Wyatt wisely reminded her, as if she hadn't already thought of the risk of their relationship. Sally's lips parted; she looked at Wyatt but couldn't say a word. After a long while, she declared, "I'll never forget what I said today. I trust him with my life. And I believe he can endure everything that may come at us."

"That's good to hear," Wyatt said with full composure, never saying a word since.

The car parked in the Romantic Club's parking area. Sally thanked Wyatt and got out of the car. Wyatt waited for her to enter the club before he drove off. While driving, he dialed a number. "Here is Wyatt. Have someone monitor the Romantic Club. Make sure that Miss Li wouldn't notice. I need them to keep an eye on Miss Li at all times."


As he hung up, Wyatt drove quickly towards the Flight Media with a grim look. There was a hint of worry at the bottom of his eyes. 'The thing between Young Master and Sally isn't a se

d, Sally twitched her lips and smiled bashfully. She slid closely to Rose, sat with her and quietly studied her face. In fact, she was quite curious about Rose's story. However, she was afraid that it would be too embarrassing or painful for her to share her story. Though she badly wanted to know, she never really had the guts to ask her. Again, though she was so close to Rose's more personal world, she stopped digging further.

Suddenly, there was some commotion outside the room. The Romantic Club was a well-furnished place. And sounds from outside the room could rarely penetrate through the wall. It just so happened that Nina did not fully close the door. Through the seam, they heard the commotion.

Rose and Sally looked at each other. After putting out her cigarette in the ashtray, Rose stood up. "Just wait for me here." After that, she briskly walked out.

How could Sally just stay and wait in the room? As the noise outside grew louder, Sally couldn't take it any longer. She got up and walked out as well. At the end of the corridor, Sally saw a few women in the Romantic Club and a middle-aged man and Nina seemed to be enraged about something. Since she was far away from the scene, Sally couldn't see the man's face clearly.

Curious about what was going on, Sally hurriedly walked towards the scene. But when she went closer to see the man's face, she was utterly startled. 'How could it be? It's him! No! No way!' Sally exclaimed inwardly.

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