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   Chapter 1453 Extra Story 56 Of Mark Steadfast

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Chilton shrugged. "Isn't the meeting over yet?" he asked.

"I think so," Kate answered. "I guess Yvonne is only luring the company because of the renewal of her contract. She just puts on airs with Mr. Addison Long and hoards herself as a rare commodity only in hopes that she will seize him and become the hostess of Dragon Empire Group. Hmm! I believe she is too naive. How could Mr. Addison Long fall for her so easily?" While saying, she could not help but roll her eyes in disdain.

"I think I'd better go downstairs to have a look," Chilton said. He thought that Addison should be informed about Sally's sudden arrival, even if he had already agreed to have lunch with Yvonne. When Chilton told Addison the lady he had seen once in Addison's office had come again and was now in the office, Addison's response proved that he guessed their relationship correctly. Addison wasn't surprised at all to hear the news. 'The woman upstairs will marry Mr. Addison Long unless something unexpected happens, ' Chilton thought.

"Mr. Addison Long, you agreed to have lunch together with me just now. I know you are always a man of your word. But what is going on? Are you going to cancel your appointment with me?" Yvonne said when she heard the conversation between Chilton and Addison. She was the most popular female star in this time. Many foreign brokerage companies had offered to sign her, knowing for a fact that her contract to the Flight Media was about to expire. Besides, both the Tang Group and Rock International Corp. had dispatched their staff to talk with her. Their offers were quite agreeable. She didn't keep those things secret. Instead, she spilled the news intentionally in order to let Addison know she was quite a catch so that he would meet her more frequently and maybe fall in love with her once he realized how charming she was. She always thought ahead. She clearly knew that her present riches and status would never compare with the honor she would have once she married Addison and became a member of the Long Family.

When he heard Yvonne's query, Addison slightly smiled. As two dimples appeared in his cheeks, he looked quite innocent. He further explained, "Miss Lin, I guess you may have misunderstood my words. I didn't agree to have lunch with you. I only said that I would if time permitted." He stood up, looking apathetic. After taking a slight glance at Chilton, who seemed to enjoy the dramatic conflict very much, he laughed in himself, keeping his composure, and added in a smiling voice, "Please excuse me for my absence. I have something else to do and I can't acco

of the year. Having nothing to do, Sally tried to have a sleep on the sofa, but failed. Finally, Addison felt she might be too bored, so he allowed her to go to Romantic Club under the condition that she would go together with Wyatt.

The corners of Sally's mouth twitched. 'He must be kidding, ' she thought. In her opinion, she would not draw many people's attention if she went there alone, but if such a seductively charming man as Wyatt accompanied her there, she was sure that everybody would fix their eyes on the two of them once they saw them.

Without saying a word, Sally shook her head, indicating that she refused his arrangement.

Addison disagreed with her refusal, insisting on Wyatt's company. He was not to be swayed.

Sally lowered her eyes and shrugged silently. She said she would rather not go to Romantic Club.

Seeing that she looked so pitiful, Addison sighed slightly and said, "Just let him drive you there. He won't enter the club. Is that good enough for you?"

"Okay!" Sally said with a nod, knowing clearly it was time to end the pointless argument. Then she turned her eyes to look at Wyatt. "Sorry to trouble you," she said.

"Not at all!" Wyatt said in an apathetic voice. His face was inexpressive. With a gesture pointing outwards with his hand, he said, "Miss Li, please!"

"Okay. I'm leaving. Don't forget to have dinner before the video conference. I will wait for you in the club to pick me up. Then we can have a midnight snack together," Sally said to Addison, with a sweet smile on her face.

Addison nodded seriously. "Okay," he said. Then he took a look at Wyatt in a seemingly casual manner.

Seeing the faint expression in his eyes, Wyatt already understood what he meant.

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