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   Chapter 1452 Extra Story 55 Of Mark Steadfast

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Be that as it may, I'm afraid that it will be more difficult for you to take the path that you've chosen because of Addison Long's situation. Sometimes you will find that you can't do things out of your free will. There will also be times where you will have to do things regardless of your well-being. But either way, I hope you will push through and never shrink back no matter what happens. Otherwise, it will hurt not only you but Addison Long as well."


"Get out of the car," Rose interrupted Sally. "You're going to buy something, aren't you?" As soon as her words faded away, she unfastened her seat belt and got out of the car.

Following her, Sally also got out of the car. She looked like a pitiful young housewife while Rose looked like a queen who held her composure. The two of them walked to the supermarket together. It was nearly noon. There were many customers inside the supermarket. With her arms crossed over her chest, Rose walked behind Sally and watched her pick up grocery items and necessities every now and then. She found that Sally looked like she was becoming a housewife.

She could not help but roll her eyes at the thought. She thought that it was just right to make Sally realize the whole situation. So, she asked, "Are you going to reside in T City permanently?"

Sally was struck dumb by Rose's abrupt question. It was not until some moments later that she realized what Rose really meant. She looked down at the shopping trolley, seeing many items she put in it. The corners of her mouth twitched. Quickly, she picked some up and put them back to where they had been. In the end, only some vegetables and other ingredients she really needed were left in the trolley.

After their trip to the supermarket, Rose drove Sally back to the villa. After idling around the place alone, she leaned against the wall at the entrance of the kitchen and watched as Sally cooked the meal. "You learned how to cook before?" she asked.

"Sort of," Sally answered with self-mockery at the corners of her mouth, while cutting vegetables on a board. "There were some courses in workmanship and females were usually called to help with them in the kitchen."

Rose didn't say anymore. Silently

o of them came together, Kate was struck dumb for a while. Fortunately, she immediately received the hint Chilton gave to her with his eyes. With a smile on her face, she said without missing a beat, "Mr. Charlie Long is having a meeting now. Miss, would you please wait for him in his office?"

Sally was still able to nod despite her shyness. Guided by Kate, she walked into Addison's office.

After pouring a glass of fruit juice and placing it on the tea table in front of Sally, Kate walked out of the office. Gazing at Chilton with her confused eyes, she asked, "Mr. Lu, what's going on?"

"I guess..." As the leader of two media companies, Chilton not only was good at management, but also was curious about gossips. "Mr. Addison Long is in a serious relationship with that woman. And probably one day she would be Mrs. Long."

"Really?" Kate asked too loud. She was too astonished to pay attention to her voice. Immediately, Chilton gave her a fierce glare. In a hurry, Kate covered her mouth with both hands. Luckily, the office had excellent soundproofing, so Sally did not hear her voice. Otherwise, Kate would appeal to her as impolite. When Kate turned her head back to glance around, the corners of her mouth twitched. Slowly, she said, "Well, Mr. Lu, I was told that Mr. Addison Long was going to have lunch together with Yvonne Lin today. But if there is nothing wrong with my eyes, I believe the lady in his office came with food in her hands. What shall we do?"

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