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   Chapter 1451 Extra Story 54 Of Mark Steadfast

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After Addison left, Sally opened her eyes ever so softly. The sweetness she felt overpowered the fatigue that was once visible on her face. As she turned over on the bed, the silky quilt slid away a little, exposing her bare skin.

When she lowered her gaze, she saw bits of hickeys scattered on her body. She blushed immediately at herself. Sally did not expect Addison's stamina from earlier. He hadn't stopped worshiping her body until the sun hinted its arrival. Then he regained his strength after only one or two hours of sleep.

Sally pulled the quilt upwards and closed her eyes, never wanting to wake up from reality. Their shared intimacy and the promising words he had said to her last night kept replaying in her mind. The more she thought of it, the less sleepy she became. She blushed even more. And almost automatically, her entire body felt like burning.

Knowing full well that she could no longer fall asleep, Sally opened her eyes. While looking at the ceiling, she tried her best to calm down and after a while, she finally decided to leave the bed and take a shower. After breakfast, she planned to go to a supermarket nearby and buy some ingredients. That way, she could cook a meal by herself and send some to Addison for lunch.

She felt happy at just the thought of it. Her smile was contagious. However, she forgot that she was staying at a villa on top of a hill. When she opened the gate, she was disappointed to find out there was no bus or taxi nearby. Also, sighting the cars parked in the garage would be of no use for her because she didn't have a license, let alone drive.

All of a sudden, she felt like she was in a disaster movie. She could not help but whine. She had been looking forward to giving Addison a surprise, but now it seemed like it was an impossible mission.

All of a sudden, she realized something that gave her a ray of hope. She opened her eyes wide abruptly, hinting her brilliant idea. What she initially realized was that she was in T City now. The odds were on her side this time. How could she forget that?

Hurriedly, Sally rummaged her cellphone from her handbag at the gate. It was not until some moments later that she realized her cellphone was still on the bed. She turned around and walked back into the villa as fast as she could. When she found her cellpho

own terms. Instead, she should always have to act according to the severity of the situation and other people's approval. 'Maybe it's only because I've grown up, or it's just maybe every adult is the same, ' she thought.

"Alas," Rose sighed slightly. Rather looking at the wall in front of her car than directly at Sally, she asked, "Sally, have you thought everything through and made up your mind?"

"I don't know," Sally answered feebly. "I don't know whether I have thought everything clearly or not." A self-mockery played at the corners of her mouth. She continued, "Maybe I haven't. It seems that I have been running through by a series of impulses. But whenever I think of the possibility of being separated with him, I... I feel very sad."

"That is because you have gone through too many difficulties. It has made you become sensitive about things," Rose commented in an apathetic voice, which sounded somewhat distant. Turning her gaze at Sally, she added, "Sally, I'm on your side and I support you, but it doesn't mean I would always agree with your decision. That's because everybody's life is different from others. Since you and I shared similar life experiences, I felt like we had been friends for a long time when we first met. You're just like my reflection. But I don't want you to end up having the same outcome as me. Now that you've clearly made your decision, you must hold on to it faithfully. Even if you may feel unhappy, pained, or difficult, you can't just give it up. Only in this way can you get what you truly want.

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