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   Chapter 1450 Extra Story 53 of Mark Embrace

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5909

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Meanwhile, just outside the villa, Wyatt was already waiting for him in the car. Addison briefly nodded at him and sat down in the seat. Just then, his cell phone started ringing.

"What a coincidence! How come you've decided to call me now?" Addison answered the phone with a hearty laughter. However, his face looked as calm as usual.

Henrik took a small sip from his coffee cup and casually asked, "So, you and Sally are officially back together?"

"Why are you asking me this question? You already know the answer!" Addison bluntly replied as he looked outside of the car window.

Henrik curled up his lips silently. It was quite hard to read his face as he was a man of stories. There was a short pause before he calmly uttered, "Congratulations."

"I think it is still too early for congratulations," Addison replied in a formal voice. "I am returning to Dragon Island in three days. I need you to promise me something." There was no answer from the phone. Nevertheless, Addison continued in an even deeper voice, "Three days. I think I am being generous here. It should be enough time for you to make a careful decision."

"You are pushing me to the limit." Henrik sighed softly, furrowing his eyebrows and rubbing his temple.

"If you think I am pushing you, then so be it," Addison said word by word. "Henrik, I am not forcing you to make a decision based on our relationship. However, you should know better than anyone about how I deal with things. I have my own ways of getting things done. Nothing can stop me once I put my mind to it."

His remark weighed heavily on Henrik's heart. To be honest, sometimes he found it really hard to deal with Addison. They had always been on good terms with each other. After all, the Ji Family and the Long

quickly said, "Well, it's time for me to go back to the company now. Talk to you later. I'm hoping you'll have an answer for me by then."

"I also sincerely hope that that the two can reach an agreement," Henrik replied. Then he swiftly ended the call, threw the cell phone on the desk and took another sip from his coffee cup. The cold coffee made his frown deeper. He spit the bitter coffee back into the cup and slammed it against the desk. With a serious face, he said to Moore, "Notify the senior management for an urgent meeting in half an hour."

"Yes." Moore nodded politely and quickly left Henrik's villa.

Henrik stood in front of the desk, lost in his own thoughts. Sally had met with the fake Lina and Addison seemed to know everything about it. He even had some kind of pact with Freeman. He still might be able to turn things around as long as the Tang Family stay out of it. Or even better, his grandfather would stay out of it. Henrik's fists clenched as he thought about the details.

If only things would work according to his plan!

Deep down, he was hoping for the best outcome.

His face froze as he stood there, thinking about what to do next.

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