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   Chapter 1447 Extra Story 50 of Mark Embrace

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"Hey, I have a strange feeling that people are watching us right now." Sally pulled a long face. She felt quite uncomfortable when people were turning heads to their direction. Some of the curious glances felt like hundreds of bullets penetrating her sensitive heart. She then uttered, "I think it is better that we split up for now. Perhaps it is the way you are dressed that is attracting all the unnecessary attention!" With a mischievous grin on her face, she broke off Addison's hand and dashed towards a nearby snack bar.

Addison stood there, slightly astonished by her behavior. He noticed the grin on Sally's face and slowly shook his head. Then he picked up the pace and walked directly towards her, cutting through the crowd.

"Look, the man over there looks very familiar," some girl in the crowd with a cup of bubble tea in her hand said to her friend. She stared at Addison and continued, "I think he might be the guy from Dragon Island."

Upon hearing this remark, her friend rolled her eyes and snorted. "Come on. Don't be silly. How is that even possible? Just look where we are right now! This is a night market, where cheap and common food is sold to the general public! Do you seriously think that a celebrity who frequents TV shows would bother to come here in person?"

"You're right. I think your point makes sense."

"You must be out of your mind. Maybe you're just desperate to date a hot guy. As soon as you spot some good-looking man in the street, you automatically assume he is a CEO who is ready to have a romantic affair with you! You are so funny!"

"Stop teasing me! If you don't stop making fun of me, I am going to punish you for your cruel jokes!"

The two girls giggled and walked away. However, one of them turned around and cast a final glance towards Addison's direction and murmured to herself, "How strange! He does look a lot like him!" However, she didn't entertain that thought for too long as it was very unlikely for someone like Addison to be seen in a night market, not to mention dressed like an ordinary person. She shrugged her shoulders and quickly caught up with her friend.

"Addison, come and try this. It is really delicious!" Sally pushed a bowl of spicy noo

nce she might have on him. Sally didn't want a fancy life at all. If it was up to her, she would rather live a simple yet peaceful life with him. But deep down, she knew that she had no choice. She knew what a good ruler meant for Dragon Island. After all, she grew up there. She was well aware of the importance of the burden that was bestowed upon Addison.

"Thanks." Sally eventually replied in a soft voice. Her eyes were glistening but she hid her emotions well. Addison had done a lot for her already. It was time for her to be brave and strong, so she could face the future with him.

Just then, Addison's phone vibrated in his pocket. Sally quickly pulled herself away from him so that he could get to his phone in time. The caller's name on the screen put a grin on his lips as he swiftly answered the phone. "How come you decided to call me?"

"Hey, you don't have to be so mean to me. I really need to discuss something important with you. It might be the case that I only call you when I need your help, but nevertheless, don't turn me down just yet!" York's mischievous voice indicated that he was cooking up some naughty plan.

Addison could almost picture York's handsome face with the biggest grin ever on it. This brother of his had never grown out of pestering him, but he was fond of him nevertheless. He chuckled and slowly sighed, "Go head. What did you do this time? If you made a mess of things again, I will definitely send you to Shadow Organization."

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