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   Chapter 1446 Extra Story 49 Of Mark Crazy

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Sharp screams reverberated throughout the countryside villa, which were followed by an endless noise. The pitiful toy rabbit fell to the floor, as Lina kept striking the wire netting that was blocking her way in front, creating a never-ending trail of unwanted sounds. She looked far from sane.

All the while, standing in the courtyard, Zachary raised his head to look at Lina. Frowning, he thoroughly believed that she was mad. He could not understand why Henrik tried to treat and cure her as if she was ill rather than insane.

"Let me go! Let me go!" Linda struggled with all her strength, trying to get rid of the maid and the care-giver as they attempted to drag her out. "Let me go. I demand you to let go of my hand! Where is my elder brother? I must speak with my elder brother! Argh—"

The sharp screams seemed to rise to the skies with every passing moment. Meanwhile, Henrik could not help but clench his fist at Lina's heartrending voice on the phone. As a sound of cracking came through, the window glass was broken by his fist.

Finding no respite, his face appeared extremely displeased as he helplessly hung up the phone. After a while, he opened his eyes slowly, which looked bloodshot at first glance. He looked at the dim streetlight outside with his glaring eyes. The corners of his mouth could not stop twitching. It took him quite a while before he calmed himself down gradually.

All of a sudden, he turned around and strode out of the office with his coat in his hand. After asking Jennie to have someone replace the broken window glass, he went straight to the underground parking lot. Before long, he was speeding on the roads on Dragon Island. He was driving so recklessly that the other drivers had to get out of his way to avoid a possible collision. He sped up, leaving behind the curses of the angry drivers and their blaring horns.

All of a sudden, Henrik brought the car to a stop with the screeching sound of hand-brakes when he arrived at a relatively empty road. Sitting in the car and

it seemed to be a slice of heaven on earth for ordinary people. People would flock over to taste the local delicacies here. And of course, foreign flavors were also available here in case they wanted to taste something different. All things considered, it might not have been the best snack street in the country, but no other place could offer more options than here. People were bound to have a good time here.

With Sally's hand in his, Addison whipped his head around to look for delicacies among the crowd. Sally had been chuckling since they left Addison's office. She tried to stop but she just couldn't.

In the beginning, Addison felt awkward at her chuckle. But gradually, he got used to it. He no longer felt bothered by it. Initially, he wanted to go to the West Street, but he ended up changing his mind later. The reason behind his change of plans was due to the fact that his suit and tie didn't match West Street's vibe at all. Besides, Molly, his mother, had told him that people should have their appearance and their mentality in accordance with their position.

Now that their destination was a night fair, Addison felt like casual wear would be the right choice for the occasion. That was why he was wearing a V-neck beige T-shirt, knee length shorts and a pair of sneakers. Addison could look younger than his age

if he wanted to.

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