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   Chapter 1445 Extra Story 48 Of Mark Crazy

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It wasn't until Sally sat on the sofa and Addison shot him a warning glare that Chilton shrugged his shoulders and withdrew his probing sight. As he handed Addison the folder in his hands, he said, "This is the Rock International Corporation's plan of cooperation with the Flight Media. The main script has been decided on, but I've outlined some of the sensitive issues here. In my opinion, we'd better delete some of them." As Addison sat down on his chair, Chilton took a seat too on the other side of the desk. "Since there are still some uncertain elements involved, I'm afraid that some members of the National Congress of Dragon Island would be discontented, which might make the situation worse and further divide the country."

"Who wrote the script?" Addison asked while opening the folder.

"All the sensitive parts were written by Mr. Ji," Chilton answered, shrugging casually.

Addison frowned at the answer. Raising his head to look at Chilton, he asked for a confirmation, "Henrik Ji?"

With a nod, Chilton answered, "Yes. All those parts were modified by him. In fact, I was quite surprised when I met him the last time." After taking a pause, he explained, "I went to Dragon Island in person to discuss the script with him, but he refused to concede any ground. He said that the first plan to promote the cooperation between the two companies would not draw enough attention unless it showed something big."

Addison lowered his eyes. After browsing a few sections Chilton had marked in the file, he closed the folder and said, "This isn't the right time to expose the things implied in the script. Have somebody modify it. I will get in touch with Henrik Ji."

"That sounds good," Chilton said with a nod. "As for the date to launch the cellphone jointly developed by Mr. Charlie Long and the Flight Media, we've decided..."

On the sofa, Sally was flipping through the pages of a magazine in her hands. All the books and magazines in Addison's office were about finance or some other topics that were of no interest to her. In fact, Sally couldn't find a single magazine in Addison's collection she could understand the contents of. Nevertheless, she didn't put too much effort concentrating or trying to understand them. Every now

dn't seem like a very harmonious scene to her.

"What's wrong?" Addison asked in confusion. When he noticed Sally's face twitching, he frowned. "Are you feeling uncomfortable?" he asked in concern.

Sally shook her head quickly and said, "No, it's nothing. Go ahead with your meeting. I'll be here waiting for you."

Addison observed Sally attentively until he was sure that there was nothing wrong with her. Then he finally turned around and left.

Resting her back against the sofa, Sally looked at the food containers on the tea table. A sweet smile played at the corners of her mouth. For a moment, she forgot where she was, as well as what had happened in the past. She told herself, or rather hypnotized herself, to believe that everything would turn for the better eventually. She convinced herself that both her relationship with Addison and Little Pear's disorder would come to a happy ending.

"Come on, Little Pear! I'm rooting for you. I believe in you," Sally mumbled to herself. "You were so strong-minded before. I'm sure you won't be stopped by any obstacles in your life!"

Meanwhile, standing at the balcony, Lina held a toy rabbit tightly in her arms, as she stared out into the distance, focusing on nothing in particular. She was waiting for her elder brother. Her patience was running thin. He once told her that he would come to her as long as she was obedient. She did what he had asked of her, but he still hadn't shown up. Frustrated, she wondered when he would come.

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