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   Chapter 1444 Extra Story 47 Of Mark Crazy

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Sally was left dumbstruck. After all, she didn't expect Addison to say such sweet words without inhibitions, like he was just talking about business. Gradually, her cheeks kissed pink like a spring rose, the blooming color appearing more charming against her soft skin. It wasn't until moments later that she realized that she was being made fun of by him.

The blush on her face amused Addison very much. A smile of satisfaction formed at and spread from the corners of his mouth. Leaning towards her, he teased her in a smiling tone, "I didn't know that you were one to blush so easily."

"I'm not blushing!" Sally refuted, curling her lips and turning her head to look out of the window. Just like giant marshmallows in the sky, the clouds appeared and then disappeared in front of her eyes one by one. She pursed her lips into a straight line to restrain her emotions. Eventually, her eyes displayed something that didn't resemble annoyance.

After Addison was done making fun of Sally, he sat up straight and just turned a page of his newspaper prissily, not even looking up. His attention, however, was still on her. "Sally..." he called out to her.

"What is it?" Sally asked.

"The Flight Media will celebrate its anniversary in a couple of days. The new cellphone jointly developed by Charlie and the company will be launched at the same time. By then, we will hold a celebration party too," Addison said in a casual tone. "But..." He put down the newspaper, which he hadn't been reading anyway, and turned his head to look at Sally. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he finished his sentence slowly. "I don't have a date for the party yet."

In an instant, Sally blushed red, again. She realized that she was increasingly likely to blush around Addison. In fact, she couldn't control the reddening of her cheeks every time he said something with a meaningful glance.

Pursing her lips to keep herself from smiling, Sally withdrew her eyes to look ahead in a seemingly arrogant manner. In an apathetic voice, she said, "That's none of my concern. As a son of the Long Family, you should have no difficulty in finding a date for the party. I believe that once you declare your need for one, all the singl

d not dare to question her boss, nor did she show any signs of curiosity. Hastily, she put a restraint on her astonishment and tried to keep her countenance. However, she still could not help but peep at Sally, who was trying to get rid of Addison's grip out of embarrassment. At first glance, Kate's impression of Sally was that she was quite pretty. Kate wondered how long their secret relationship had been going on for. After all, as far as she could remember, Addison had never mentioned anything about his love life. Needless to say, it was a huge surprise for her to finally see Addison's secret girlfriend. Kate could not help but admire her boss's ability to keep this a secret for as long as he did.

"Well, I... I should probably wait for you outside," Sally mumbled. Ill at ease, she glanced at Kate and Chilton, who had been observing her, every now and then. She swallowed the lump in her throat, no longer able to keep her countenance under such pressure.

"No, that's not necessary. I have to attend a meeting very soon," Addison said in a very gentle voice, which seemed to intoxicate her. "You can wait for me here in my office. I will tell Wyatt to get you something to eat while you wait. I know you didn't like the food they served to us on the plane earlier."

Sally took a glimpse at Chilton, and then she pursed her lips. Having no reason to refuse Addison, she only nodded to him. Led by Wyatt, she walked over to the sofa inside the office and sat down.

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