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   Chapter 1443 Extra Story 46 Of Mark Returning

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"Look, Sally is so busy," Matthew muttered. He took back his phone and then continued indifferently, "Investigate on it! Maybe we missed something interesting and useful." "Yes, Master Matthew," Ian answered, not surprised at all.

Their car passed smoothly through the wide roads of Dragon Island's new district. Matthew stared at the green vegetation through the window and his eyes became dark. 'I believe there will be something that will cause trouble and contradiction. This peaceful situation is driving me crazy, ' Matthew thought to himself.

Meanwhile, in the Yvette's Coffee House, M Country, Addison's suit was on the chair, the top two buttons of his shirt were leashed, and his sleeves were rolled up. He leaned against the door casually while looking at Freeman preparing the dishes. He asked, "How long haven't you cooked? Your station looked messy."

Hearing his words, Freeman froze and smiled, "I became more interested in grinding coffee, so I haven't cooked recently. I cooked for Yvette because she came here for publicity, but..." He looked at Addison helplessly. "But she has so many comments about it."

Addison added, "She's always picky about what she eats, even if the food is made by the most famous chef."

"Yes!" Freeman sighed, recalling the past. "You know, her appetite is picky because of Yates. I didn't understand it before, but now, I think that he has been good at playing tricks since he was a kid."

Addison's smile grew bigger and his eyes were filled with happiness. In a view of being an individual, he had a good relationship with Freeman, as well as Yates of the Tang Family. They were actually good friends. However, what they all knew was that it was important to leave their private life from their work. They couldn't mix them up and embarrass each other.

"Okay!" Freeman put the last of his soup on the desk. "Let's have a drink. In New York, nobody can drink Chinese liquor with me. I really prefer Chinese liquor," he sipped the liquor while confessing.

Addison also sipped. It was so strong that he couldn't help but frown. "It contains high percentage of alcohol. You'd better not drink too much."

"I drink. I can join you until we're drunk." Freeman let out a sigh of relief. "Being young is wonderful. I did whatever I wanted. I thought that those days were very interesting." He turned to Addison and his face became expressive. "Well, your rank may be higher than most

n a state of confusion for a while and began to recall that they would go back today. But, did she really want to go back to the Dragon Island?

"Go back... Are we returning to the Dragon Island?" Sally asked, visibly frightened.

Addison smiled, "There's something wrong in T City. And Uncle has went back, so I'll go there to deal with it. Do you want to go with me?"

Hearing his words, Sally was relieved at once.

Looking at Sally's expression, Addison also smiled, but there was a hint of helplessness in his smile. "You go and wash up, while I say goodbye to Charlie." Then he walked out of the bedroom.

Sally was flushed immediately. When Addison went to the coffee house last night, Evelyn and Elsa came to her bedroom to gossip about her and Addison.

Sally could deal with Elsa well, but with Evelyn, who grew up in the Long Family, and whose husband was a lawyer, she couldn't. She finally admitted that she had known Addison a long time before. Luckily, she didn't have the opportunity to share further details about them because Evelyn had made up a romantic and sad story for them.

However, one was real. Apparently, Addison had waited for her for seven years.

Every time Sally thought about that, she felt guilty and sad. Sally turned to look at Addison, who was reading the newspaper. She tried her best to say something but failed. At the end, she asked, "Are they going back to the Dragon Island?"

Addison folded his newspaper, stared at Sally, and shook his head, while he said, "Evelyn said that it was a pity that we had separated for seven years. So she decided to

leave us alone."

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