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   Chapter 1442 Extra Story 45 Of Mark Returning

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With the corners of his mouth twitched, while looking at Elsa's curious expression, Charlie cleared his throat and said seriously, "Well, I'll explain it to you in our bedroom." Of course, it was not enough to describe it with words, so he would rather teach her with actions.

It was a good day. They were all infected by the sweet atmosphere. When Sally took a bath and went out of the bathroom, Addison had already worn his clothes. Sally didn't wear her shoes and felt embarrassed. After a while, she asked sulkily, "Are you going out?"

"Change your clothes." Addison took his suit and put it on. "I'll take you to visit Rachel."

Hearing his words, Sally nodded, with her eyes gleaming with delight. "Okay, I'll be there soon."

Addison saw that she was so happy, so he couldn't help but smile. He went out of the bedroom and into the balcony. And then, he made a call. "Good morning, this is Addison."

"Morning," Freeman answered with a smile. "It's so early. What can I do for you?"

"I want to ask you for a favor," Addison also smiled and said. "I'll back to the Dragon Island. Is it convenient for you to have a cup of coffee together?"

Freeman's smile grew bigger. "For what?"

"Just personal things." Addison's eyes darkened.

"Okay," Freeman answered. "Let's meet at the Yvette's Coffee House at six o'clock tomorrow evening. I'll also cook some dishes. It has been a long time since we last saw each other."

"Okay," Addison smiled. "See you." Just as he put his mobile phone down, he heard Sally open the door. He turned back and saw Sally dressed in a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Addison felt as if he went through time and was back seven years ago. If the sun shone now and her hair was longer, maybe he would forget what happened in the past seven years.

"I...I... Do I look bad in these clothes?" Sally saw Addison stare at her because she looked weird in those clothes. "I want to look like this... to meet Little Pear. I think she will remember me like this," Sally stammered. "I just think it will help."

Addison looked at Sally, sighed, and finally composed something to say. "You look pretty." He walked toward her and held her hand. "Let's go."

Sally pursed her lips and nodded.

ust imagine how sharply its share price will rise tomorrow."

Matthew threw Ian a brooding glance and snorted. He then turned around and strode away with his hands in his pockets. When he got in the car, Matthew got more furious because of the sound of applause and the media's camera shutters.

After Ian got in the car, on the other hand, he turned to Matthew and asked, "Master Matthew, do you go back to the company or..."

"Company." Matthew closed his eyes and thought of what he should do later. Yates had warned him that he shouldn't go that far. However, he didn't know whether it was because of what he did to Henrik or Addison. He couldn't figure it out because Yates' mind was always hard to read.

Matthew opened his eyes gradually and controlled his anger. He finally asked with slow composure, "What happen in M Country?"

"There was still no news." Ian caught a glimpse of the rear view mirror. "But, there was an interesting thing."

"What?" Matthew looked at Ian.

"Master Addison took Sally to Katie's concert. It is said that they left together before the concert ended," Ian said, confused. "Katie's concert was different. Though Master Addison had taken other women there, it was still weird."

Hearing Ian's news, Matthew took his mobile phone and dialed Sally's number. Then he put the phone on his ear intently. He waited, but nobody answered it. Matthew frowned and put down his phone. He cast a glance at the screen, and then wore a mischievous smile.

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