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   Chapter 1441 Extra Story 44 Of Mark The Romances

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He was talking with someone on the phone at this moment. And Sally felt that there must be something wrong as she looked at his profile. Clearly, he seemed unhappy about something. At this time, she could not help feeling inexplicable panic. And her heart began to hammer at her throat as if to break out from her body, because she knew that Addison was angry with someone.

'Who is that on the other side of the line right now? Could it be his parents whom he is talking with? What are they talking about? Why does he seem unhappy at this moment?' Queries tumbled head over heels in Sally's mind.

At the sight of Addison's bleak unhappiness on his face, she could not help but uneasily stir the girdle of her robe. She had a strong feeling that there would be yet another judgment for her soon.

"By the opinion of the jury, the verdict is as follows, Sally Li is found guilty of manslaughter…"

The unforgettable voice repeated from memory and echoed in her heart suddenly. And the scene of seven years ago replayed intermittently in her mind at this moment. The terrible feeling of waiting to die had been etched in her blood as a brand, becoming a nightmare that she would have to carry for the rest of her life.

"I don't think it'll be necessary to deal with this matter in person," Addison said on the phone with an even more serious look on his face then. And he added, "But if you admit that you can't do this job, I don't mind replacing you with someone else." After this veiled threat, he hung up the phone right away without a further thought.

He then turned around, only to find that Sally was standing in front of the door at this moment. Immediately, he noticed that she had a strange look on her face. With a slight frown on his face, he pulled the door open and came into the room quickly. Moving to her, he asked in concern, "What's the matter? Are you not feeling well right now?"

Addison's words suddenly pulled Sally back from her bleak thoughts. She replied haltingly, "No, I'm fine."

Addison could not help but frown slightly deeper. He

lly. Even though there were thick walls all around them, the amorous sounds spread outside the room.

On the other side of the door, Charlie, Ezra, Elsa and Evelyn were standing gathered in momentary confusion, with surprise written all over their faces. Even though the sound from inside the room was low, all of them heard it.

"Well," said Ezra as he withdrew his hand from the door. He had been about to knock on the door several seconds ago. But then he heard the strange sound spreading from the other side of the door. With awkwardness evident on his face, he could not help but touch his nose uneasily. He then looked up at Evelyn and continued, "There is an idea popping up in my mind suddenly. Why don't we go back to our room right now and take another nap? I think it's the right thing to do. You know what, let's do it now." As he was speaking, he quickly caught hold of Evelyn's hand and then walked towards their rooms. Before she could figure out why Ezra would act so strangely, Evelyn could only walk with him as her hand was in his.

"Wait, what is the matter now?" asked Elsa with her eyes blinking. She could not understand why Ezra would change his mind suddenly and had left in a hurry. She looked doubtfully at Ezra and Evelyn's departing backs. Then she fixed her patient eyes on Charlie, hoping to see if there was any reasonable explanation from him.

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