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   Chapter 1440 Extra Story 43 Of Mark The Romances

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6956

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Sally could not help but bite her lower lip, with an eyebrow frowning a little. She then replied, "You... you… you said that I was your girlfriend. Why did you say that?" She finally finished speaking after drawing more courage by chewing on her lip some more. But then she blushed with shame as soon as she finished speaking. She even broke off eye contact with Addison suddenly. However, she had no idea where to look instead since she was so embarrassed at this moment.

With his hand holding hers a bit more tightly, Addison looked meaningfully ahead at her with his deep, dark eyes. He was walking ahead at a strolling pace, and replied, "I was saying that to leave you no way to escape from our relationship." With a smile on his face, he added, "Sally, I care nothing about your past. Please, believe in me, and have confidence in my family as well. They will treat you right, as I do. Although the Long Family holds all the power of Dragon Island, the political power and everything else, it's just a family cursed by love. So please, don't feel stressed by our status." Letting out a slight sigh, Addison stopped walking and turned back to look at Sally. With a serious expression in his eyes, he continued, "The past is the past, of which we can change nothing now. The only thing that matters right now, is whether you are sure of our relationship. As long as you know for sure how I'm feeling about you, and you have confidence in me, that will be enough. Have I made myself understood?"

At some point, during Addison's effusion, Sally became shocked by what he said. She told herself in her mind, 'No, I can't accept Addison's love, not even a bit! Once I say yes, there is no way for me to escape from then on. But, what can I do now? How can I say no to him?' She nearly shouted out loud, in search of an answer which her mind lacked. However, she kept quiet, as her mind searched for a way out. She found it really hard to reject him at all, under his lovingly gazing. In particular, he had known everything about her past, but he only felt terribly sorry for her pa

by love, she re-turned calm again. At some point, she hated her coolness like this, which only made her lose her mind again.

Addison could not help but hold Sally a bit tighter when he felt that something strange was happening with her breathing. He gently whispered in her ear, "Do you believe in me?"

Sally nodded her head slightly at his words.

"So all that you need to do is enjoy this life where I'll be with you, together with everything I bring to you. Other than that, you don't have to think about problems, nor worry about them at all." Having spoken soothingly, Addison kissed Sally's shoulder gently, with his warm breath spreading over it. And suddenly, the hearts of them became sensitive again…

The dawn would come no matter how long the night was. And when the light of the dawn penetrated the thick curtain, shinning in the room, Sally turned her body with her eyebrows twist slightly.

'Oh?! Where is Mark?'

Sally opened her eyes, only to find that Addison was no longer in the big bed with her. She looked around the room, but there was no sign of him either. Then, she got up from the large bed and wrapped a robe around her body. There were still some faint marks visible on her snow-white body, reminding her of the crazy night that just passed. She stepped up to the French door and searched for him there. Finally, she saw Addison on the balcony.

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