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   Chapter 1439 Extra Story 42 Of Mark The Romances

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7469

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"Why don't you introduce this lovely lady to me?" queried Evelyn with a small smile playing at the corner of her mouth. And she batted her lashes at the couple in front of her.

Meanwhile, Sally had no idea what to do at such a moment. So she turned and looked at Addison, waiting eagerly for his reaction. Deep in her mind, she did not really know why he had brought her to the concert tonight. However, she wanted to be with him as much as she could. So she had said "yes" when he invited her. And she had not known that there would be a chance to meet his sister right here as well.

"This is Sally," answered Addison and he turned to look at her lovingly. With a brief pause, when he noticed the uneasy expression in Sally's eyes, he turned to look at Evelyn, then added, "She is my girlfriend."

With her eyes widening, Sally could not believe what she had just heard. She looked at Addison in disbelief with her mouth slightly opened.

After his introduction, Evelyn nodded with a smile on her face. She was surprised that her brother Addison would admit to it like this, though she had already guessed the outcome before talking to Addison.

"Hi, Sally, my sister-in-law in the future. I'm Evelyn Long." As she was speaking, she liberally held out her hand to Sally. "I'm Mark's most lovely sister!" Evelyn added jokingly.

Sally, who had been feeling quite uneasy a moment ago, could not help relaxing dramatically after Evelyn's joke. She then happily shook Evelyn's hand. With her face blushing prettily, she replied, "Hi, Evelyn. I'm Sally Li. You can call me Sally."

"Alright then, Sally, my future sister-in-law," teased Evelyn quickly. She became even happier at seeing Sally's face redden like a shrimp at this moment.

After a while, Charlie walked to them with Elsa and Ezra. At noticing that there were more people around seeing the awkwardness on her face, Sally only became even more uneasy. She wished then that there was a hole in the ground that she could hide in!

After the introduction of each one, Sally found it so surprising to know that Charlie, the young gentleman, turned out to be Addison's younger brother.

Before meeting with Addison's family, she had thought that it would be very em

like this never slept, 10 p.m. was just the beginning of the night. On the other side, instead of sitting in his limo, Addison was walking with Sally in the street at this moment. There were cars coming and going on the road, with the details of their front grills constantly changing in a dizzying array of patterns. The car lamps were becoming colorful streams of light under the flashing neon lights.

There was barely a chance for Addison to walk in the street like this in his daily life, not to mention that he was now walking with his beloved one. With his coat over his elbow, he was holding Sally's hand with the other hand, walking slowly with her in the streets of New York City. From time to time, Addison told Sally something interesting about the famous places that they walked by. Right now, the two of them together and hand-in-hand made the most beautiful picture among the tourists on the streets. It was a picture of a happy couple who were in love at this moment.

"Why did you…" Sally started her question, but paused. For a long time, ever since they had left the party, she had been restraining herself from raising the question with Addison. However, she failed to suppress herself anymore. And she continued, "Why did you say that to your family?"

"What do you mean? What did I say?" responded Addison with an ambivalent smile evident on his lips. He looked at Sally in such a way that she knew he had anticipated the question and was being vague on purpose.

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