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   Chapter 1438 Extra Story 41 Of Mark The Romances

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Henrik could not help but frown a little bit. However, instead of instantly exclaiming what was on his mind at this moment, he picked up the cup of tea in front of him and took a sip. Then, he slowly put down the cup. With his eyes looking up at Yates, Henrik stated, "Master Yates, I think that once Master Matthew finds out what happened back then, no one will be able to rule out Addison as a suspect. Not even me. I don't want this to happen though. You must know that pretty well, don't you?"

After Henrik's speech, Yates had a slight smile on his face, and replied in an unperturbed tone, "Well, that's exactly why I came to you today."

Henrik seemed so surprised by what Yates had just said. With his eyes widened a bit, he raised his voice and said, "Oh, Master Yates, so that means I have your word?"

However, Yates did not answer the question. But the smile on his face was obvious at this moment.

Deep in Henrik's mind, he thought that it was quite surprising for him to have this chance to have dinner with Yates right now. Not to mention being able to gain support from Yates at this moment. Over the years, there had been a tense knot in Henrik's heart all this time. Although the fight between the four biggest families and the Long Family had ended in nothing at the end, it was somehow because of this that the power of the four biggest families was substantially weakened. And Henrik's grandfather, who had personally participated in the fight, was not convinced of the outcome. Henrik knew all about it. He thought Yates would have had the same feelings as his grandfather regarding the fight as well. However, it seemed he was wrong about it after hearing Yates' words just now.

But his thinking soon took a shift. And then matters seemed to change and somehow become all reasonable. Yates had been so crazy for that woman. However, it turned out to be that she had been in a secret relationship with Eric in the end. In that way, Henrik thought what Yates was about to do made sense.

The place they were having this dinner was one of the famous night clubs. It seemed so difficult to keep a clear mind here since everything in the night clubs in M Country was always so a

top Evelyn from saying more, Ezra turned his head to scowl at her, and said, "Wait! You don't even know what is happening right now. No matter what you are thinking in your mind, just keep those thoughts where they are right now. I believe you know Mark well enough to foresee what he might end up doing to protect the one for whom he cares. Besides, we should not do anything that will affect someone else's relationships, should we?"

"I know, I know," Evelyn answered quickly. However, the next second when she noticed that there was no one else but Addison and Sally standing off to one side, she stepped toward them in a hurry, leaving no time for Ezra to respond at all. "Hey, Mark," Evelyn called intimately. Then, she fixed her eyes on Sally next to him.

Nearly each of the young generation of the Long Family was blessed with outstanding appearances which seemed to be a great tradition in the family. In that sense, Evelyn was an exception from tradition and had been gifted with only a normal appearance. Her magnetic eyes which could have whole conversations were the only part of her physique which would catch everybody's attention on her face. However, Evelyn came from the great and powerful Long Family, with their inborn momentum in her bones since birth. Anyone would easily notice that she was one that had power as well. That way, as soon as she stood next to the beautiful Sally, she was not inferior at all, but even somewhat full of spirit.

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