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   Chapter 1437 Extra Story 40 Of Mark Meeting

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"I want to live with my sister," said Sally, with a dull look in her eyes.

Addison glanced at Sally and didn't say anything. The Rachel they met today was a fraud. But Sally didn't realize that yet because she was too consumed with excitement and grief. Only when they have more time together that something would give the trick out.

"The Ji Family has adopted her. So theoretically, if they don't agree, I can't take her away," said Addison gently. He looked at Sally and added, "Fortunately, Rachel is living in a good place. Don't worry too much about her."

Sally didn't say anything. She knew her request was impolite but Little Pear was not well, and she couldn't bear to leave her alone, not now, not ever. She wanted to live with her sister.

"Sally, maybe Rachel doesn't want to live with you now. She wanted to live with the Ji Family. After all, they didn't give her up given her condition. Have you thought about that?" Though Addison's words were painfully true, he knew he had to be harsh in order for Sally to wake up from her guilt.

Sally was frozen. Her eyes hinted that she couldn't believe Addison's point.

Addison said with a sigh, "When you go home, you can still think about it. If you still want to live with Rachel, I'll go and meet Henrik."

Sally was still silent. She changed her posture, lowered her head and said nothing as if protecting herself for further realization.

Addison didn't force Sally. He knew that the most effective way to solve this problem was to let her face the situation. He would be just here to support her. Although it might seem cruel, their way of communication was always harmonious. Others might not understand, but it worked for th

the owner of the restaurant, ' Henrik playfully thought.

He soon sat calmly opposite Yates and said with a slight smile, "Mr. Tang, your invitation kind of surprised me." Ten years had passed. But Yates looked idle, handsome, and aggressive as before. Henrik looked at Yates, waiting for his reply.

Yates asked the waiter to serve the dishes and then turned to Henrik. "Recently, the Ji Family did too many things. I just want to make sure what your purpose is. He stood straight and continued, "I don't care about your insignificant behaviors; just don't get the royal family involved. I think I have told you my standpoint clearly." His face was emotionless.

Henrik replied, frowning, "I'm sorry I don't understand what you meant."

Yates's mouth curled up. The smile was indifferent. In fact, probably no one except that person had seen his sincere smile. "When I decided to leave all the past behind, my standpoint has been obvious." Then he recalled something and his eyes became sharp. "I won't interfere with the things about Rachel. I can also ignore everything about that happened that year.

Do you understand?"

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