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   Chapter 1436 Extra Story 39 Of Mark Meeting

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5699

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Freeman's words reflected his attitude. Addison looked down and said, "Mr. Ji, you didn't expose our relationship partly because of what happened before." He looked up and his eyes became darker. Then he smiled and said, "But it's only a matter of time that they will know about us."

Freeman shook his head and smiled with knitted brows. "But for what it's worth, I must tell you that I am on your side." His smile grew bigger. "Both of us don't want the Tang Family to get involved. Is that right?" Regardless of the Ji Family, or for himself, he didn't want that to happen.

Addison nodded and said, "I understand." He believed in Freeman's words. Then with a smile, he added, "I'll take my leave. Thank you for answering my questions. I will gladly repay you one day." Then he stood up and left the Yvette's Coffee House.

Freeman smiled and saw Addison off through the window. "It is impossible to deceive you. But Sally surely will," he said with a sigh.

Three days later, Sally saw "Lina." She felt sad and didn't know how to get on with her because her Little Pear looked timid.

"Miss Li, Miss Ji is not in good spirits these days, so Mr. Ji sent her here to recuperate." "Lina" was standing at the balcony, her eyes glazed at the distance. Then Zachary glanced at her and continued, "Since the Ji Family adopted Miss Ji, she has been in bad spirits. She's got to be irritated by something." He looked at the "Lina" and said, "Now Miss Ji can't be irritated, or…" He didn't finish his sentence. Instead he turned his gaze to Sally.

Sally shuffled across the room towards "Lina." It seemed that her legs were filled with lead and her body was emptied by a vacuum pump. What happened seven


Addison then went forward and hugged her. "Don't worry. She will be taken good care of in the Ji Family. Don't worry. Don't feel guilty. It is not your fault," he said as he gently patted her on the back.

Sally didn't open her eyes. And before she realized, tears fell down in her eyes almost instantly. She thought she was strong, but she finally realized she was too weak to bear another blow. Besides, it was not possible for her to resist his kindness and gentleness.

Addison comforted Sally for quite a while. When she finally calmed down, he said to Zachary coldly, "Lina should stay here or I can arrange a place for her to recuperate. I will talk about this with Mr. Ji." His eyes became darker as he looked at Zachary. This manor villa was far away from the noisy downtown. And even though Sally was not willing to leave here, Addison insisted and took her away.

Sally didn't speak for what seemed like forever. She had thought of many possibilities, but she focused on the positive side. When she saw Rachel, she finally realized how ridiculous she had been. She continued to think, avoiding negative thoughts.

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