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   Chapter 1435 Extra Story 38 Of Mark Meeting

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"Squeak—" The car suddenly stopped. Its tires roughly rubbed against the ground and made a harsh noise.

Giving a hint of war, Sally gave Addison a ferocious stare and got out of the car. Addison tilted his head and his eyes followed her. Sally didn't leave. Instead, she went to the back of the car and opened the trunk. After a few moments of scanning, she angrily closed the trunk and went back to the front, wondering why there was no medical kit in it. After pulling the door open, she got inside the car and said, "Why didn't you put a medical kit in the trunk?" She angrily glared at Addison, waiting for an explanation.

Addison was pleased by that question, knowing that he intended to do so. He gazed reflectively at Sally as his mouth tilted slightly upwards at the corners.

Sally noticed Addison was lost in his sneaky thoughts. When his smile grew bigger, she frowned. She was confused and curious about what he was thinking about.

"You remember everything about me." Addison smiled like a kid at a candy store. He finally focused his gaze at Sally and continued, "Even every detail." His eyes filled with happiness and relief.

Sally moved her lips and leaned back in her seat, not mirroring Addison's satisfaction. There was a hopeless expression on her face. "Unfortunately, time has changed many things, hasn't it?" she said with a sigh. Her words meant more than how they were told.

Despite Sally's disappointment, Addison replied with a smile, "This car is not mine." He paused and then explained, "I decided to come here on the spur of the moment. The group arranged the car." He didn't inform the Shadow Organization so not all things were held accordingly. Addison added, "This kind of injury is—" He looked at his wound and added reassuringly, "Don't panic. This is not a big deal." Looking at Sally again, he said with more emphasis, "You understand me, don't you?"

His voice was casual and his smile was gentle and at ease. Suddenly, Sally felt sad for him. 'Addison has a high rank in the society and a big fortune. He dresses well and appears in public like he owns it. Almost all the people, if not everyone, envy him for what he has. But fe

coffee and then looked up at Freeman. Without saying anything, he pushed his coffee cup and took the cup that Freeman brought. As he sipped, the coffee tasted bitter. His expression, though, didn't change. After holding the sharp taste of coffee in his mouth for a few seconds, he swallowed it. There was still a hint of bitterness on his tongue but he could now taste a slight fragrance. Tasted something bitter and gradually tasted something sweet. That feeling was like getting a reward after suffering.

"What do you think?" Freeman asked, expecting a positive reply.

Addison put down the coffee cup and replied, "Um, good." Brief but good. A smile touched his lips. It was not an indifferent smile, neither a gentle one. "Mr. Ji, your know much about me." Addison's words meant more than how they were told.

"Ha-ha." Freeman laughed and said, "Before I left, your words were always pleasing. Now, your words still give me comfort."

"When I'm with you, there is no need to hide or pretend." Addison's expression didn't change when he heard the compliments. Nevertheless, he replied, "But, you have left the Dragon Island and lived an idle and peaceful life abroad. Why did you even bother getting involved in those things?"

Freeman replied with a sigh, "I won't interfere with those things. In fact, I am unable to do that now." He smiled and confessed, "Or you and Sally's relationship won't be a secret to the Dragon Island anymore."

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