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   Chapter 1434 Extra Story 37 Of Mark Investigation

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9332

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He just let her suffer through all of that. How could he let that happen to her? How could he have let the love of his life spend seven years in prison?

"Ah..." Addison flew into an outrage as he punched his car window. Soon, blood was streaming down his knuckles as pieces of broken glass shattered everywhere.

The glass to his car window was now stained with blood. Addison was breathing heavily as he raised his head and looked out into the distance. He was leaning against his seat, feeling as if he was losing control over his body.

His cell phone continued to ring and vibrate as if the person who was calling him really wanted to talk to him. The person was persistent as Addison's phone just kept ringing and ringing. Finally, Addison decided to answer it once and for all.

"Addison?" Charlie's voice came, he sounded doubtful.

Addison closed his eyes before taking a deep breath to calm himself down. "What's the matter?"

Addison sounded normal so Charlie just shrugged it off. "Katie and Uncle are back at the hotel. If you're free, do you want to come back for dinner?"

"All right," Addison agreed. "I'm still dealing with something but I'll see you tonight." He hung up the phone without waiting for him to respond. As soon as he did, he started sulking again.

'Sally, what happened? Why did you leave me? How did you end up in prison? What happened in those seven years?'

"What's wrong with you?" Hotch asked. Sally looked tired as if she didn't have energy, and Hotch couldn't understand why.

His words pulled her back to reality. She shook her head as she forced a smile and responded meekly, "I'm fine..." Her smile looked fake. She seemed uneasy under Hotch's invasive gaze. Then she said, "Hotch, I'm going back."

"Let me give you a ride." Hotch stood up, preparing to go with her.

Sally quickly got to her feet too but she was shaking her head. "I'm good, it's fine. I want to drop by the bar too."

Hotch understood so he just nodded and let her be. "Fine, you can leave. I don't have to go with you. It's not appropriate for me to go to places like that anyway." He paused as if he'd thought of something. Then he added, "Don't go overboard or you might regret it."

Sally nodded politely. "Thanks, Hotch." She pressed her lips together as she waved goodbye and left the restaurant. That morning when Hotch took her to several places, she realized one thing. It probably wasn't Henrik who was blocking her from contacting her sister but someone else who had manipulated everything to be this way. What she didn't know was the reason behind it and who that person was. She didn't know how she and her sister would get caught up in something like this.

Sally wandered around for a short while. She lingered for a few moments as she watche

s! Everything has changed. Including my life and everything else about me! Wake up, Addison... You're going to be the ruler of Dragon Island in the future, while I'm a convict who's been to prison. I spent seven years of my life in prison!" She looked crazy as she spoke because she had raised her voice and her face was red from shame.

Addison calmed down as Sally turned hysterical. Then without saying another word, he pushed Sally inside the car while he got in the driver's seat.

Sally tried to get out. Addison didn't stop her but he said, "If you try to open the door, I'll drive this car and I won't make turns or avoid people crossing the road."

Sally's mouth dropped open—Addison was going crazy.

Addison turned his head and looked at Sally. "You know I never kid."

Sally slowly retrieved her hand that was placed on the car handle. She nervously fidgeted as she tried to get her seat belt on. It was only then that she noticed the shattered and blood-stained car window. She widened her eyes then she saw Addison's bloody hands.

"Your hands..."

"Don't worry about them!" Addison snapped and drove back to the hotel.

Sally pressed her lips together as she continued to stare at Addison's bloody hands. When car turned from the crossing, a light shone through the window which cast light on the glass shards that were still stuck in his hands.

"Stop it! Stop the car!" Sally exclaimed angrily.

Addison didn't stop the car and didn't even look at her.

"Addison, stop the car." Sally sounded stern when she warned him, "I'm going to jump out of this car if you don't stop it." The tension grew as Sally threatened Addison. Her eyes were cold as she continued, "I've never done anything like it before but I do have the guts to do something like that especially after spending seven years in prison.

Want to see me try?"

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