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   Chapter 1433 Extra Story 36 Of Mark Investigation

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7483

Updated: 2019-10-28 13:07

"That license number plate belongs to the New York branch of the Gu Family Corporation..."

Upon hearing this, Addison stared at the car driving away with a vague look. "Alright, I see." He then hung up the phone. He cast the hotel a quick glance before driving away.

When he reached the U-turn, he dialed the hotkey via his phone and put on his earphones. As soon as it was connected, he ordered, "This is Addison. I have to speak to Sean."

When the man over the phone heard that it was Addison, he used his most respectful voice when he spoke. "Please hold on a second, Master Addison."

After a few minutes, Sean suddenly said, "Why are you calling me? You never called me."

"Find out what Hotch is doing in M Country. Don't leave out anything!" Addison said with a straight face. He convinced himself that Hotch was just a chief criminal and Sally had nothing to do with him.

Sean picked up a tissue and used it to wipe his face. After which, he threw it away. "Okay, I'll give the job to XK Intelligence Agency. Master Addison, you know the rules." Unlike Charlie or Evelyn, Addison had no connection with XK Intelligence Agency at all, even though he was the son of its president.

"Name your price!" Addison said bluntly.

Hearing this, Sean burst out in laughter. "You know what I want."

"Then forget about it." Addison turned him down right away. Even as when he'd hung up, Sean was the one begging him.

Sean was taken aback when he suddenly heard the dial tone instead of Addison's voice. He murmured to himself, "Even Charlie doesn't talk to me like this considering I'm next in line for XK Intelligence Agency presidency." He never expected this. Addison might seem like a gentleman but having grown up training to become a strict ruler, as long as he wanted something, he would do anything to get it. In turn, the people around him easily yielded to his requests too. After giving it a second thought, he shrugged helplessly and called Addison back.

"Well," Sean said, "one day, I bet you're going to go to XK Intelligence Agency for Hell Forest." After a brief pause, he offered his price. "30 million dollars!"

"You'll get it in ten minutes..." Addison said without missing a beat. Being Brian's so

rs would ever affect Dragon Island.

Addison parked his car by a street as he read through the information that Sean had just sent him. However, he was so shocked by what he'd just find out that he had to pause for a moment or two.

His eyes widened as he stared at the mug shot of the person he never thought would have one. Sally was wearing her prison clothes that were the color of gray and she was holding up a sign with numbers on it, probably the number assigned to her in prison.

She was imprisoned? How did this happen?

It was ridiculous how little he knew about this. For seven years, he idly waited for her like a fool while she suffered in prison!

Addison could feel his heart twisting in pain like a hand was shoved up his chest. He had trouble breathing. How come? How so? He just couldn't believe it.

As Addison put his hands on the steering wheel, they began to tremble. His bones were starting to crack with how tightly he was holding on to the steering wheel. Soon, his joints had turned pale.

Sally's innocent smile, that blank look on her face, her eyes that always looked scared...She spent seven years in prison! Addison couldn't get his mind off Sally. He could feel his chest constricting. He was feeling so many things at once.

"Hmm..." Addison rested his head on the steering wheel. He'd let go of his grip on the steering wheel. He was distressed to say the least. He could feel his stomach twisting at the thought of Sally in a prison uniform.

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