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"Hmm?" Sally couldn't understand the reason why Addison would conclude that. She looked at Addison, confused, then at the plate of food, and then back to Addison again, as if she was waiting for him to explain.

Addison curled his lips, remaining silent. He looked back at her, finding the look on her face adorable. When he noticed Sally starting to get uncomfortable under his gaze, he said hastily, "They served us food we didn't even order." Then he looked at the other tables and said with a smile, "And it's just us!" He lowered his head to take a closer look at the food. "It has nuts on the top. Did you know that nuts can calm you down if you're worried or something?" He looked at Sally knowingly and added, "So they're just looking out for us, I guess."

Sally's lips were quivering as she asked back, "Don't you think you're overthinking the situation?"

"Probably." Addison didn't seem to be taking it seriously— he shrugged, took out a hundred dollar bill and stood up. "Let's go."


Sally answered instinctively. She didn't even know why she was following his orders. Maybe because Addison sounded so convincing. Either way, it was only when she had stood up and looked into Addison's eyes that she realized what she was doing.

Nevertheless, it wouldn't be appropriate for her to stay any longer. Sally closed her mouth and avoided eye contact with Addison in case he could sense her panic.

Addison sighed when he noticed everyone was looking at them. He quickly grabbed Sally's hand and led her out of the coffee shop before she could notice anything.

Sally forgot to remove her hand from his grip or maybe, she secretly didn't want to let go. They wandered on the streets which were decorated with large, red lanterns just like in Z Country at night.

Neither of them spoke. Addison was too busy focusing on the feeling of Sally's hand in his—it felt so familiar that he couldn't help but enjoy himself.

Sally pressed her lips together as she could feel the tension in Addison's hand. It hurt a bit but she enjoyed it and it reminded her of old times. Maybe, this was the only way she could compensate for the pain she was feeling in her heart.

If she had known from the beginning, then she

at his watch briefly. "It's late, Jack. Time to say goodbye. I'm counting on you on acquiring 'Hell.'"

"No problem!" Jack nodded earnestly. "Yeah, I can assure you I'm doing my best," He said in his crappy Chinese.

Charlie burst out laughing. "Yeah, you need to work on that!" He good-naturedly rubbed his shoulder as he said, "See you."


When Charlie and Evan went to the parking lot, they happened to come across none other than Addison and Sally after getting in their car too. 'Addison's hotel is still so far from here. Is he going to walk all the way back there?'

Addison started to worry if Sally could still handle walking. Addison was pretty strong so he didn't mind but he wasn't sure if Sally was physically fit enough.

"Where are you staying?" Addison asked.

Sally thought to herself, 'Why is time flying by so fast here in Chinatown? Can't it just slow down for a bit?' As she looked at her hand that was intertwined with Addison's, she responded, "I'm staying at the Four Seasons Hotel."

"I'm staying nearby too," Addison suddenly said.

Sally suddenly stopped walking. She'd already thought of this before—wherever she said she stayed, Addison would say that he was staying there too or somewhere nearby. Even though she couldn't exactly know whether this was really what happened, she still couldn't help but smile secretly to herself at the thought of this. What she really just wanted was for time to stop so they could just be here forever.

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