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   Chapter 1430 Extra Story 33 Of Mark Be Distant

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Addison rubbed his forehead and sighed. Just as he was about to say something, he saw a familiar face inside a car that was also waiting for the traffic light. "Let's talk later." He had hung up the phone before Evelyn could respond. He leaned so he could get a better look of the car near him.

In fact, Addison couldn't see the person very well under the night sky. However, he knew for a fact that was Sally just based on the shadow alone.

When the traffic light turned green, Addison watched where the car would go. Much to his dismay, it went the opposite direction his car was going. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the plate number of the car. When the car finally disappeared, he said coolly, "Check the plate number 7K.18HJ..."

The driver suddenly slowed down the car as he looked at Addison through the rear-view mirror, a confused look on his face. He met Addison's eyes and looked away out of instinct. Then he answered, "Yes, sir!"

Addison turned his head to look out of the car window. New York was beautiful in the night sky with its neon colors and lights. It was almost midnight and there was still so much life buzzing around the city. Indeed, it was the city that never slept. He narrowed his eyes—he still couldn't get his mind off the car. What on earth did Sally do in those seven years? It seemed as if she'd lived a better life than he'd imagined.

Addison closed his eyes and leaned against his seat. He couldn't help but feel down as he watched cars pass by.

Sally, meanwhile, wasn't feeling the same way. She was too busy talking to Hotch. She was frowning as she asked him, "Are you saying that even you can't find her?"

"When Rose told me, I asked someone to look into your sister," Hotch simply said. "The problem is you haven't seen her in the last seven years. A lot can happen in seven years. She most definitely has changed in those seven years. Plus, there's also a chance that her name might be different now too. Rose told me that your sister could be the girl that the Ji Family adopted, right? So her name right now would be Lina Ji, right?"

"Yes." Sally nodded to confirm.

"I also looked for her. But I couldn't find her." Hotch sounded regretful. "And this place is not under my control and I don't think the Ji Family wants anybody to know." He continued after pausing for a while, his eyes deepening. "The point is, I can't exactly have the special means to look for her right now. Especially it has something to do with the Ji Family. I have to consider other things too." He looked at Sally in doubt. "Have you considered other possibilities? Maybe Henrik was just playing with you?"

Sally loosened her shoulders, slumping as she said softly, "Yes, I have. But I don't even want to think about it. I don't want to get involved in their fight. Although, I can't help but wonder why they would adopt her. We're just a regular family and I was imprisoned for God's sake."

Hotch stared at Sally and asked seriously, "Do you think it

Freeman put the coffee he had finished making in a jar and added a label to show what kind it was, responding casually, "What can they do except to look for me?" He didn't have to see which two people his waiter was referring to. He didn't know the woman but he had a pretty good guess on who the man was. "Did you see the man in the ZTV news?"

The waiter suddenly widened his eyes. "Right..." Is he..." He thought for a while and then suddenly, he widened his eyes again. "Is he the future ruler of Dragon Island and the president who took over Dragon Empire Group two years ago?"

Freeman didn't reply but instead he smelled the coffee beans. Then he started to grind them slowly. "Just leave them alone. They'll figure it out. If they can wait, so can I."

"Oh..." The waiter nodded then he returned his gaze to the two again. In just a few moments, he suddenly saw Addison getting up from his seat and heading towards Sally's table to sit across her. He frowned. "Boss, I think they know each other."

Freeman smiled, turned to his waiter, and asked, "Are you free today?"

"We don't really have a full house today." The waiter heaved a sigh of relief as he watched the two again.

Freeman lightly knitted his brows together. "I've noticed that business isn't going well and I should probably cut down on staff."

"..." With his lips quivering, the waiter gave a feeble smile to Freeman and went back to work. He went to the counter and filled up two plates with snacks and then headed to Sally and Addison's table. "To you two, from the management It's rare that you meet an old friend in a different country. This is such a wonderful thing." As he spoke, he knowingly glanced at Sally and nodded and smiled at Addison before turning to leave.

Sally didn't know what to say. She watched as the waiter walked off and then looked at the plate full of food in front of her. She frowned and turned to Addison.

"It's so obvious. Someone wants us to leave," Addison said coolly. .

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