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   Chapter 1429 Extra Story 32 Of Mark Be Distant

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Sally stared blankly at Addison. When she started to realize that he didn't care about what she had just said, she stated angrily, "Yes. Everything changes especially as time passes by including my..." She stopped suddenly upon meeting Addison's gaze as he turned his head. She instinctively took a step backward, biting her lower lip.

"Including your what?" Addison's eyes dimmed and his face looked stiff.

Sally swallowed nervously. She was scared yet she had no choice but to continue automatically, feeling scared. Then she bit the bullet and replied, "Including my relationship with you." In the end, she didn't have the courage to say "My love for you."

"Huh..." Addison snorted and looked ahead. When he spoke, his voice was nonchalant. "Miss Li, can I ask? Do you have any relationship with me?"

Sally's lips quivered when she heard this. She didn't know what to respond.

She suddenly started to feel sick, as if she'd lost all her appetite. Even the mere sight of food made her want to vomit. Next to her, Addison seemed to have frozen. His eyes were looking nowhere and he wasn't moving at all.

Sally asked the stewardess to clear out the food, but when she saw the look on Addison's face, she asked the stewardess to leave the milk. The stewardess quietly cleared up their tables and stayed not a second longer than she needed to. At first, she thought that Sally and Addison were together but it was hard to tell their relationship. After some more observation, she concluded that Addison hated Sally and that they definitely had a long history.

Sally saw that Addison was now reading a magazine and didn't seem to be interested in talking to her anymore. Snorting, she picked up a magazine of her own and started to read too.

Everyone was reading fashion magazines nowadays, even young and old women alike. This was the magazine that Sally was reading but for some reason, it felt heavy and she was just feeling restless. She didn't know what she wanted to do. While she didn't want to talk to Addison, she could feel his presence next to her and she didn't know why but she wanted to get his attention.

Sally rubbed her forehead and thought, 'Are all Libras like me? Always hesitating and uncert

ps before relaxing them and looking away. He walked out of the airport with one hand in his pocket. He got in the car arranged by the New York company of Dragon Empire Group. Before the car door could even close, his cell phone immediately rang.

"Mark, where are you?" Evelyn's excited voice came. "We're waiting for you in the hotel. What time are you arriving?"

"In less than an hour..." Addison's voice became softer. "Are you eating in my room again?"

"No." Evelyn smiled wryly as she looked at all the takeout food on the table. "I haven't eaten anything yet. Of course, I'm not eating yet. I'm waiting for you!"

Addison chuckled. "Where are Charlie and the others?"

"Charlie took Elsa on a night tour. Ezra went to handle a case. I'm just waiting for you alone. We can eat when you arrive!"

"I think you're just trying to get out of going with Ezra so you won't get bored!" Addison teased.

Evelyn brushed him off as she picked up some chips and popped one in her mouth. While she was chewing, she said, "Anyway, I'm just waiting for you in your room. Katie wanted to come but she's kind of sick and she has rehearsals. Uncle took her for a check-up."

Addison frowned upon hearing this. "Katie's sick again?"

"Yeah, they scheduled the concerts like way too close to one another. Katie's pretty exhausted." Evelyn pouted. "Uncle and Aunt suggested that they postpone the New York concert but Katie didn't want to and she got mad at them for suggesting it."

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