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   Chapter 1428 Extra Story 31 Of Mark Embarrassment

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"Let's wait and see how long you can keep it up!" The man even intensified the pressure and torturing. Different from the woman's mental harassment, the way Big Guy applied to Sally was even more vicious and merciless.

Sally tried to pull her hands back, but she couldn't break free at all because of the man's overwhelming power. No matter whether she struggled or not, her hands were unlikely to recover and work in the future.

"What do you want?" Sally gnashed her teeth and tried to reach a compromise.

Hearing this and looking down upon the spoiled food on the ground which were barely recognizable, Big Guy spit on it and ordered, "Pick it up and eat it all!"

Prisoners had nothing to do but make trouble, especially these felons who had been in jail for most of their life, and their favorite pastime was to bully the newcomers and the weak. Besides, prison guards usually turned a blind eye to these ugly events, unless they could handle them. As a result, a vicious circle of bullying had come into being. The way they bullied you was not simply a critical hit, but rather something else that could be impressed on you for your whole life.

It regularly happened that the weak were being dragged into the toilet, being drowned with bath water, being forced to eat something with saliva, and so on. Most of the prisoners here had experienced these nightmares, and there was no exception made for Sally.

However, the others were taught a lesson since their first arrival and they became obedient, but Sally just wouldn't. It had been more than a year since she was transferred from the reformatory, but she still didn't get any more subservient. Naturally, these varied ways of torturing were implemented on her on

was so heart-broken that she didn't know how to comfort him. 'I'm so sorry, Addison. Perhaps this is the last time that I meet you. After I find Little Pear, I will vanish from your world forever. If that is true, I hope that the last state which I leave you in is not one of rage or anger.'

"Maybe it is because of the emotions that human beings cannot control..." Sally conveyed how she felt slowly, and then raised her head to stare at Addison. "There are about five or six hours before we get off the plane.

Are you sure that you want to glare at me like that?" Addison was rendered speechless. 'Is she just being resistant to me?' he wondered in his mind.

"It's boring on the plane, so I don't like this..." Sally no longer looked at him.

"Isn't it one of your favorite foods?" Addison asked backing up again on purpose like a child.

Sally squeezed a bitter smile. "Nothing is unchangeable, including your favorite thing."

"Yeah, it's just like the two different ways in which you treated me seven years ago and now!" Addison sneered and sat stiffly.

His strained voice exposed his inner reluctance to say goodbye to their past.

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