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   Chapter 1427 Extra Story 30 Of Mark Embarrassment

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5888

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The psychology major heaved a heavy sigh and shrugged. "I just trust my gut and believe that there's something weird between His Highness and her. Don't you think so?" She looked around to make sure the chief attendant was not there, and decided to reveal, "You know what… You need to promise me that you won't give away the secret I'm going to tell you." The other two nodded solemnly in promise, so she continued, "I was not so sure before, but what happened back there just now verifies my assumptions. Once I saw His Highness come for her, and I couldn't believe it then, but now I'm pretty sure about it."

The audience of two looked at each other, and then focused on the story-teller again, waiting for the plot to be revealed. "I remember clearly that His Highness was in his 20s at that time," she continued with determination. "However, Sally had just vanished then." She folded her arms tightly as she recalled Sally's past. "She no longer came to school, and the school lost all contact with her, too." She shrugged and raised her eyebrows to show her growing curiosity about it.

As the stewardess served the meal to Addison and Sally, and then returned with a poker face, it became even more embarrassing than before.

Staring at the beef spaghetti with black pepper sauce that she used to enjoy, Sally felt uncomfortable in her stomach and didn't even touch her fork. The delicate dish seemed to be something disgusting, which made her stomach ache and heave.

Sally was trying to withstand her nausea by pressing her lips together as she forced herself to pick up the fork. However, when the food reached her mouth, she couldn't bear it at all, and dropped the fork to rush to the bathroom at speed.

This sudden move not only made Addison

an had been sentenced to prison for drug dealing. Although she could not be released soon, she owned influential power here. There were numerous numbers of victims like Sally in prison, but none of them were brave enough to stand up and fight back. At the very beginning, Sally had tried to fight back, but later she realized how humiliated and weak she was. She couldn't make it at all without Addison.

Abruptly, a black canvas shoe had trampled on Sally's hand! The food which she just had fetched from the floor was squashed as well.

"Hmm..." Sally couldn't help exclaiming, but she only cried out once, and managed to suppress her pain then.

The man grabbed and twisted Sally's arms several times, and pressed all of the weight of his body, which was over two hundred pounds, onto Sally's slender and weak hands to teach her a lesson. Withstanding all of these silently, Sally's forehead beaded in sweat, and since she bit her lips in order to ease that pain, her lips bled because she bit them too hard. With the taste of blood filling her mouth, her cold sweat turned into large beads of sweat, and eventually, she couldn't help crying out in unbearable pain.

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