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   Chapter 1426 Extra Story 29 Of Mark Embarrassment

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8037

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It seemed quite awkward, but Sally didn't know how to ease it, and so did Addison. Love would turn you into a helpless being, no matter who you were. The flight attendants had noticed and observed Addison for a while.

Since it was a temporary decision to make, and he was going to work on something significant, Addison had chosen the passenger aircraft rather than a private plane as usual. Dragon Empire Group had reserved all of the seats in the first-class cabin, but it had never assumed that… he would be visiting the business class anyway.

"So what do we do, chief attendant?" A stewardess' face became streaked with bitterness as she asked for help. There was a crowd of passengers in the business class, but they were all busy with their own businesses, so they hadn't even noticed Addison at all. Which was fine even though he would be recognized later, but at least he would then trigger a mess on a smaller scale. One of the major concerns would be the possibility for rumors to go viral from their flight, and end up causing them big trouble.

The chief attendant maintained her composure and observed everything. The passengers were all occupied with their own businesses, reading magazines, sleeping, etc. Plus, Sally sat in the seat near the front window, where she would draw little attention.

"It's just half an hour before distributing the set meals, and I'm afraid a sensation will be caused anyway." The stewardess smiled worriedly as she explained her concerns.

Upon hearing this, the chief attendant smiled professionally and responded to her concern, "Have you ever seen His Highness acting like this before?" She exclaimed slightly in excitement, and headed to Addison at a graceful pace. She said to Sally after smiling at Addison, "Miss, there's a passenger feeling quite uncomfortable in the economy class. Would you please spare your spacious seat next to the window for him and allow us to transfer you to the first-class cabin?"

Hearing her suggestion, Sally frowned slightly, staring at her in confusion. However, the flight attendant's knowing smile and her quick glance at Addison gave Sally a clue to understanding all of this.

"We're so sorry for your inconvenience!" the chief attendant apologized in an average voice, vague for others sitting far away, but crystal clear for Sally.

Addison's lips pulsed with victory and he left for the first-class c

ou won't! Trust me."

The previous girl goggled and seemed to realize something astonishing. "Do you mean..."

"I didn't say anything!" Her co-worker shrugged and discouraged her passion for further gossip by reminding, "Be careful that the chief attendant does not overhear you, or we will all be allocated to the economy class."

Realizing the potential outcome, the gossiping girl stopped her digging, and turned to sneer at another colleague who was absorbed in her fanciful thoughts about Addison. "Well, someone can no longer moon over her Mr. Right. What a pity for her!"

"What are you talking about?" The silent peer almost attacked her with "F" words, but she managed to control herself. "The woman next to His Highness seems to be one of my old high school classmates!"

"Really?" Hearing such a large, juicy piece of news, the other two girls were so stunned that they gaped at her together, waiting for more information.

"But I'm not quite sure, since she has changed a lot..." The stewardess added after pondering for a while, "She used to keep a distance from us, and often asked for leave because something happened to her family. At that time, we thought that she was too occupied and had no leisure time to interact with us. But then just now... She looked so lifeless..."

"That's enough. Save your psychobabble for yourself." Her colleague became impatient and poured scorn on her, saying, "Why did you give up your career as a psychologist and come here to be a mere flight attendant? You need to get rid of your psychology mindset, which is an occupational disease."

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