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   Chapter 1425 Extra Story 28 Of Mark Encounter

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"Henrik Ji, I was just wondering why you didn't ask Matthew about that thing. That kind of thing he wants me to do in person. After all, you're curious about it, right?" Sally clenched her teeth. "Matthew would be glad to tell you."

Henrik paused coldly and replied, "Sally, you have known already. Why am I asking you? I'll repeat myself. What is Matthew making you do? Isn't it so obvious? There are simply two people he wants to deal with. Addison and me! What I am curious about is whether you have used your little brain? Have you ever thought why he wanted you to help him?"

Sally chewed her lower lip. Those mad men, Henrik, Addison, and Matthew, were driving her crazy! She took a deep breath and gritted her teeth. "Enough! I don't give a single damn about your personal vendettas about each other. I only have one goal. Henrik Ji, I'll leave as soon as I see my sister. I won't be the trigger or catalyst for you people."

Henrik snorted, suddenly let Sally go, and smiled coldly, "Ah. You give yourself too much credit." He clicked his tongue and his face went gloomy. "Sally, you're so easy to read! I can guess the relationship between you and Addison. But how about Matthew? Do you think he doesn't know anything about you and Addison?" Sally's face stiffened and she felt her mouth going dry. Henrik's cold voice continued, "Let's say Matthew doesn't know about it. But do you think Yates doesn't know anything about it either? You may have been away from Dragon Island for seven goddamn years. But I believe you have heard of Yates as well. Almost everyone on Dragon Island knows him!"

Sally pressed her lips, trying to keep a brave front. She had rejected Matthew's invitation to have dinner with the Tang Family once because she didn't want to see Yates. Everyone on Dragon Island knew Yates' capabilities. Everyone knew how he dealt with issue ever since he became the head of the Tang Family. No one could ensure that everything could go alright on Dragon Island if something related didn't happen there.

Sally's chest throbbed in pain as she thought of it. At present, Addison was the most promising candidate for being the ruler. There was something romantic between Addison and Sally. It could be possible that she would be used by someone to ruin Addison.

"I never wanted to see Addison get in trouble. And even if he does, it's already out of our hands." Henrik turned around, opened one of his desk drawers, and took out an envelope. He gave a deep and helpless breath. He gave it to Sally and said, "Here is the ticket. This might be your chance to see her. If you're lucky enough, that is."

Sally frowned, took the envelope, and opened it. A ticket to M Country had laid before her eyes. She looked at Henrik confused as she clutched the ticket tighter. "What do you mean?"

Henrik snorted, "You foolish woman. Don't you see? I'm giving you a single chance. It's your choice whether to take it or not." Then he paused for a moment and continued, not ripping his cold glance at Sally, "Sally, this is the only chance you'll have. If you can't still find her, I'll s

simply fall asleep.

She was so worried about Little Pear and was desperate and excited to see her. As she had gotten further away from Dragon Island, her heart sank into emptiness.

After all, there was a kind of love which she could never get back. That warm feeling that would never return after everything was burned down.

Sally felt bitter in her mouth. Her eyelids moved slightly and a few teardrops rolled out from her eyes onto her cheeks. Then she quickly wiped them away with a hand, telling herself that it was due to the strong sunlight from outside. Not because she felt so sad that she wanted to burst into tears.

"So, are you travelling because you're leaving or is it because of business?"

A low voice spoke into her ears suddenly. Sally's eyes immediately flew open. She was filled with shock and looked away. She found Addison sitting a seat near her. He held a finance newspaper with a poker face.

Sally thought that she was already having hallucinations because she missed Addison too much. Then she raised her hand, wanting to touch to check if he was real. But she stopped herself and withdrew hand.

She frowned at Addison, who put down the newspaper. "Addison? What are you doing here?"

Addison folded the newspaper and placed it on his lap. "This plane is head to M Country. So obviously, I am travelling for business, not following you!"

"Ah I see. What a surprise seeing you here," Sally murmured and sat up straight with a faint smile on her face. Her heart began to leap happily for joy. She was secretly happy. So happy that she could twirl around happily. After all, if someone you had missed badly showed up right in front of you, what could get happier than that?

Her chest was filled in a strange feeling mixed of relief and happiness. After all, happiness had followed after the pain.

Addison furrowed his eyebrows. He had heard what she had murmured. He was actually felt surprised to meet Sally here too. But on the contrary, he would rather have it as if it was coincidence. She gave him a real surprise!

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