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   Chapter 1424 Extra Story 27 Of Mark Encounter

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Upon hearing what Addison said, Sally almost dropped the spoon into the cooker. She just started to put congee into the bowl! She swallowed quietly and kept her calm demeanor. She just kept filling in the bowl with congee. She gave Addison a glance and said, "Someone told me that he was tired and wanted to hold me while he slept for a while. He had held me down too tight. Do you think I'd still be able to shout out?" She sat down and raised an eyebrow at the man who sat opposite of her. "Do you really think it was proper to call Wyatt up here to see how you pestered a woman?"

Addison frowned at Sally. "Don't you feel a bit guilty when you say things like this?"

Sally held her chopsticks tightly and gazed at Addison. "Well, news flash, I don't care about what you think." Then she started eating her congee with her head down.

After looking at Sally for a moment, Addison also had started his meal with his head dropped too. The congee had cucumber, minced pork, and preserved egg in it. It was tender, delicious, and smelled so good that it immediately tickles one's palate.

"When did you learn to cook all these stuff?" Addison asked after he had taken a bite.

"Well, in the past few years," Sally replied frankly. "It is more convenient and cheaper to cook by myself."

Addison looked up at Sally as he took another bite. He said casually, "Didn't you just say that you would never ever cook?"

Sally's hands paused for a while. She sighed and stared directly at Addison's eyes. "What do you want to know?"

Addison put down the spoon and grinned coldly. "What do you think I wanted to know?" He paused for a while as he saw Sally's eyes narrowing. "I thought you already knew what I wanted to know. What changed you, Sally? I'm not asking on why you are treating me differently. What I wanted to know is why you changed? If you don't want me to look for the reasons, I can do that for you. Hell, I can stop myself from knowing you more. But how long do you think you can hide it from me? I wonder how long it will take me to know the real reason behind."

Sally's face paled. The spoon in her hand was gripped tightly but she didn't respond or even defend herself.

Addison smiled coldly. He didn'

ldn't keep her in the same company as him. I know Master Matthew a little bit." She paused with a suspicious side-eyes. "However, if Sally is actually in a relationship with Master Matthew, it wouldn't be proper for her to stay here."

Elisa chuckled at what Jennie said. Then she asked, "So, Jennie, do you think Master Henrik would keep her here if it's something real?"

"Well, who knows," Jennie shrugged dismissively. "Master Henrik is a temperamental person. You'll never know his next move. Maybe he could make use of their plot to turn the tables around him. Maybe he keeps Sally near him on purpose, which is much better than keeping an unknown enemy near him."

"Ah. You know Master Henrik too well," Elisa smiled meaningfully and looked down at the document on the desk. Then she pointed at it. "Don't forget about this. Just in case Master Henrik asks."

"Okay. Understood," Jennie smiled back. The minute Elisa turned her back and left, her smile disappeared and her eyes were filled with faint strangeness.

It was quiet in the office but nobody was having a peaceful mind at that moment. 'Will something happen?'

'Will a mayhem break out?'

'Who know?'

Everybody had kept their opinions about this matter to their selves.

Meanwhile in Henrik's office, Sally was pressed tightly against the ebony door. Henrik held both of her hands above her head as he smirked. Their bodies were so close that it seemed as if there was something intimate about them.

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