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   Chapter 1423 Extra Story 26 Of Mark He Was Sick

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Sally nodded silently and bit her lip, looking at Addison. "Why..." She clenched her hand. "Why are you here?" At last, she lowered her head, with a bitterness immediately spreading into her heart.

"I have been waiting for you for a long time, so I am a little tired." Addison's voice was still hoarse as he asked, "Can I come in and have a cup of tea?"

Sally raised her head and looked at Addison. He looked as usual, but was abstruse. However, even his spiritless appearance couldn't make him any less handsome. She couldn't control herself and nodded. When she reacted, she saw Addison shakily straighten upright and slowly follow her. She sighed secretly and took out her key to open the door.

It was not Addison's first time to enter Sally's rented apartment. He took off his shoes and walked directly to the sofa where he sat down powerlessly. In fact, he didn't sit down so much as fall down, his body lacking any support.

Sally looked at his tall figure mistreating her small sofa. If it was not because she hadn't smelled anything, she would have thought that Addison was drunk. "There is no hot water. Wait a moment." Saying this, she put down the key and her handbag, and then turned to the kitchen to boil some water.

There was no need to wait long, but while the water was being boiled, Sally became lost in thought. She had never before seen Addison like this. Every time she had previously seen him, he was in high spirits and could solve any problem. Today he seemed to be frustrated with a feeling of run down emptiness.

"Purr..." The sharp sounds came to Sally's ears. She jumped in alarm and then turned off the boiler in a hurry. She involuntarily looked outside but didn't see any movement. Then she couldn't help frowning in self-mockery at her jumpiness. She covered the boiler handle with a cloth and started to make tea. The tea leaves were ordinary and couldn't be compared with the ones enjoyed by the imperial family. But Addison had suffered many different kinds of hardship and certainly wouldn't mind.

After making tea, Sally turned around to walk out of the kitchen and then she found Addison leaning back against the sofa with his eyes closed. With his face stiff and calm, he seemed to have fallen asleep.

Sally frowned slightly and walked forward. Then she gently put the teapot on the tea table and sat down beside him. Addison slowly lowered his head to her shoulder then. She kept quietly staring at Addison. She didn't say anything, almost holding her breath even.

"Sally, every time I can sleep next to you, even for a little while, I feel satisfied."

"Addison, you come here to me, just to sleep?"

Addison raised his head from Sally's shoulder and looked at her seriously, saying meaningfully, "Sally, if you say that, you will make others have improper thoughts."

Looking at Addison saying that so seriously, Sally blushed all of a sudden. She smiled gently and responded with shyness, "You know I didn't mean that."

Addison laughed and stopped teasing her. "I just feel relaxed every time you are with me." His voice was

n shouted with effort and suddenly raised his hand, trying to grab something, but he grabbed nothing.

All of a sudden, Addison opened his eyes. He took deep breaths and, with his hand still up in midair, he looked around with panic in his eyes. He was in an unfamiliar environment with an unfamiliar scent.

Addison wrinkled his dark eyebrows in confusion and let his hand down. 'Is this her residence?' he thought. He sat up and looked around. The small bedroom was empty. His eyes deepened, and he threw back the quilt, getting out of the bed. Then he walked over with a panicked expression to open the bedroom door. When he saw Sally putting the tableware on the dining table, he was finally relieved.

The morning sun shone in through the window to bathe Sally in its glow, while she smiled gently as she dished up the food onto the tableware. She looked like a newly married wife who had gotten up early and wanted to create a surprise romantic breakfast, waiting to be praised.

Sally felt the burning of his eyes, as he looked at the tableware in her hand. Then she swallowed secretly and turned to Addison with a feigned sense of impassiveness. "You're awake?" She looked away indifferently. "I have made some breakfast. Come and eat."

The unfamiliar expression on her face, her actions and even her unfamiliar words surprised Addison. When someone really wanted another person to stay out of their life, they could face that person as peacefully as usual, as if they were irrelevant to each other.

"You were sick yesterday. I couldn't drive a patient away." Sally seemed to be explaining to Addison. "After all, we know each other. I can't be that merciless to you."

Addison sat down opposite to Sally and glanced at the food which she placed in front of him, listening to her nonchalant words. There was self-mockery flashing in his eyes, and he raised his head to stare deeply at Sally, trying to find anything on her face that might betray her.

"Wyatt must be on the first floor. You can tell him to come upstairs and take me home!"

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