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   Chapter 1422 Extra Story 25 Of Mark He Was Sick

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It kept raining on Dragon Island for several days.

After the rain had stopped, a rare sunshine graced every part of the island. Before the populace had time to bask in the sun, the ground began steaming and soon everyone felt as if they were in a steamer as the humidity rose.

Henrik and Matthew started to fight, and because of this the workers of both families suffered. Sally was the most affected and became confused. She had just wanted to see her younger sister, but why was it proven so difficult? And why did they even involve her in the squabbles of the Tang and the Ji Families?

"Can both of you just let go of me?" Sally tried her best to remain calm and looked at Matthew and Henrik who were each dragging one of her arms. She was being pulled in opposite directions! It was better if everybody knew the truth. Somebody who didn't know any better would think that they were in a love triangle, and kept loving and hurting each other.

Matthew didn't intend to let her go, and he looked at Henrik angrily. "Mr. Ji, what's wrong? You are so anxious already after you just took over the Ji Family's business?"

Henrik's lips curled up with a cruel but charming arc and his eyes deepened. "I can't always control myself at the sight of such a beauty. Master Matthew, you know all my stories, right?" The smile on his lips gradually spread to encompass his entire handsome face. Though his face was warm, it seemed cold due to the appearance of a reckless stubble on his chin, which clearly he had not shaved for a few days, and he looked older because of it. "Sally is my special assistant. If such a beauty walks before my eyes every day, do you think that I could keep calm?"

Matthew didn't change his expression. "Oh? I can understand that." He looked at Sally with his deep and meaningful eyes. "After all, even I am fascinated by such a gracious and beautiful woman as Sally."

If it wasn't for the weird atmosphere, Sally would have wanted to curse. 'You two sicken me! Stop it!'

Sally rolled her eyes and took a breath, fighting for calm as she again said, "I will say it again. Please let me go!" She wore a cold smile on her lips but her voice was even colder. "Relax. I won't leave her

ime. However, you owe me a favor and need to pay it back."

On the way back home, Matthew's words replayed in Sally's mind on a continuous loop. These days, she had tried every means possible but still didn't know anything about Little Pear. She knew nothing except that Lina, who was adopted, might be Little Pear. Most importantly, Henrik knew about her purpose for being there but didn't care about it at all. Could he be so relaxed only because Little Pear had been sent abroad?

No way!

The elevator sounded as it reached the correct floor, and Sally was jerked from her reverie. She instinctively looked at the number on the elevator showing which floor it had arrived at and hurried to step out as soon as she saw that it was her destination. But as she walked out, she was brought up short and stood still in shock.

Addison was leaning against the wall. He was a disheveled mess! His clothes were crumpled, with the corner of his shirt tucked out and even wrinkled. His suit coat was in his lowered hand, with the other end dragging on the floor. He was dispirited and completely different from the future ruler shown so frequently in the news, or even the Addison whom she knew from her teenage that had always displayed a faint smile and sharp eyes.

Addison fixed his eyes on Sally and kept staring at her expressionlessly. After a long while, he finally said, "You are back?" His voice was hoarse, dry and powerless. As he spoke, his eyes trembled weakly.

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