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   Chapter 1421 Extra Story 24 Of Mark Stranger

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Sally realized that she had been too naive to get involved in the wealthy and powerful families. But what else could she have done? There must be some reason that Henrik didn't want to let her see Little Pear. How could she continue living in comfort alone, if she was unable to see Little Pear? How could she?

Hearing the internal telephone ringing, Henrik finally looked away from Sally's face and pressed the speaker button. "What's up?"

"Boss, His Highness is on line 1," Jennie answered respectfully in a sweat voice.

Henrik heard that and glanced at Sally again. Seeing her expression changing ever so slightly, he secretly sneered and answered the call on line 1. "You must have hidden a tracker on me, right? I have just arrived, and already you call to check up on me?" Different from the calm voice which Henrik used when he talked to Jennie, or the sarcasm when he spoke to Sally, he always talked with Addison in a casual and almost evil tone.

Addison stood at the French window in his office at the National Congress, his hand resting in his pocket. He casually looked out of the window and said slowly, "Let's have dinner tonight, if you are free." He paused for a while and then continued, "In the old place."

"Okay!" Henrik replied. "Can I bring a woman?"

Addison frowned slightly. "That's up to you."

Henrik glanced at Sally who had a nervous expression flashing over her face and his lips curled up into a wicked smile. "Is it okay if I bring Sally?"

After Henrik had spoken in a low voice, it was silent on the other end of the phone, and even Sally stared at Henrik with her eyes wide open as the color drained from her face. 'How can he have known about the relationship between me and Addison? No. No way! How can it be possible?' Sally thought.

"Whatever," Addison responded indifferently after a lengthy hesitation. "See you later tonight." Afterward, he didn't give Henrik a chance to say anything else, and hung up the phone.

It was not a sunny day today on Dragon Island. The sky was full of black clouds, and the chance of rain threatened at any time. Dragon Island was surrounded by the sea in three directions, and it often rained here, but Addison felt depressed for no reason while looking up at the sky today.

"Young Master, the Tang Family has replied," Wyatt said respectfully. "Mr. Yates Tang has said, although he wants to let everything pass, he still worries about the younger generation. As long as the Ji Family doesn't take action, he naturally doesn't want to see their peaceful life being disturbed."

Addison didn't say anything but looked away. After a long while, with Wyatt wondering if he should remind him, Addison said casually, "Cancel the appointment tonight. I will have dinner with Henrik."

"Yes!" Wyatt replied and wasn't at all curious about Addison's decision.

Wyatt turned around and walked out of the office. As he gently closed the door, he looked at Addison's back and sighed in a low voice.

The rain arrived before the afternoon, and though it was not heavy, it didn't stop. If you were caught out in the rain for a long time, you would be soaked through.

Addison held an umbrella over his head and looked at

me, she opened her eyes slowly, but they were red with tears.

Sally powerlessly opened the apartment door but didn't turn on the light. She walked with heavy legs to the sofa and threw herself onto it, where she stared blankly up at the ceiling lamp once her eyes had adjusted to the darkness.

"Sally, if you ever dare to leave me, I will break your leg."

"Addison Long, if you ever dare to abandon me, I will report to the media about our relationship."

"Relax. I won't give you such a chance."

"When did you become so smooth-tongued?"

"Since I knew you!"

Addison sat under the umbrella of the courtyard outside the Glamour Hall, listening to the raindrops pelting down on the umbrella with cracking sounds. He felt restless, especially when he heard such sounds. But he had been sitting here for more than two hours.

Anybody could easily recall the old days when he missed somebody, or felt lonely. Although Addison was trained in different skills and his mental capacity was extraordinary, he couldn't escape his fate but became someone who could look back on him, as so many others did.

It was said that love was full of hardship, but he was willing to suffer such hardship. Maybe only in this way could he know how it felt to have a painful but willing heart.

He had kept on chatting with Henrik all night and seemingly didn't look at Sally even once. But Addison could clearly remember that Sally had tasted the mushroom when she started to have dinner, and ate the same cuisine before she put down the fork. And he remembered how many times she had used the fork, and what she had eaten from the beginning to the end of the meal.

She had gotten slim compared with seven years ago and had changed her taste. In the past, she would like to eat fungi least of all. But tonight she had eaten much. What had made her change? What could possibly have made her change? Sally was stubborn.

Addison lowered his head slightly and indifferently fixed his eyes on the mug of coffee which had grown cold on the table. He hadn't been with her in the past seven years. Would he ever make up for those seven years?

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