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   Chapter 1420 Extra Story 23 Of Mark Stranger

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7715

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Even if an old habit could remind you of the past, someone didn't stay with you anymore, at last.

Sally had a very long dream. In her dream, the clean and bossy boy whom she had dreamed of before, waited every day for her in the park across from her home. It was not that he was afraid of their relationship being exposed, but rather, she was worried that she didn't qualify to stand next to him. Regardless, he had never said anything about that, or admitted to sharing her fears.

However, she woke up from the sweet dream later that night to the sound of heavy rain. She suddenly realized everything had happened in the past and she needed to start over.

"Sally, Mr. Ji will return today. Have you prepared the files that I told you to print earlier?" Jennie asked anxiously while holding a stack of files in her hands.

Sally handed Jennie the documents on her table, neat and in order. "Jennie, I have sorted them out."

Jennie was moved upon hearing that, and praised Sally, "You are promising!"

Sally smiled broadly at the positive feedback. Looking at the secretaries in the office who had been indolent for so many days, suddenly becoming busy, she felt an involuntary nervousness. However, she wasn't nervous because of her work but rather due to Henrik's return.

While everybody was alert and lost in the tension of late work and the threat of Henrik's sudden return, a luxurious, perfectly stream lined car parked in front of the headquarters of Rock International Corp.

The car door opened, and a pair of bright leather shoes emerged, followed by slender legs covered with black suit trousers. Henrik got out of the car with his eyes deepening and calmly buckled up the buttons of his suit. Then he stepped into the headquarters building with several executives following behind him. They listened to his questions and bent low in a show of respect. None of them dared to raise their heads.

As the elevator rang out upon arrival at the bottom floor, Henrik stepped into the exclusive elevator when the door opened, but suddenly someone prevented the door from closing with his hand.

"Since the Tang Family have given the land to the Ji Family, I hope that there is nothing wrong." Henrik's eyes turned darker and horribly cold. "What Yates most likes to do is to show no mer

ied calmly, "Don't worry. There's no need to worry about anything. My purpose is simple. I want to see my younger sister. In fact, that requirement is easy for you to meet. Besides, I don't want to take my sister away. After all, she will enjoy more promise in the Ji Family than with me. I just want to check on her. I am confused as to why you don't want to allow me to see her." She continued after pausing for a while, "Don't you understand the humanity..."

"I don't care, no matter what you think." Henrik had a cold smile which remained fixed on his lips with a sense of serenity. "What's more, Sally, your sister is not even on Dragon Island."

Sally suddenly opened her eyes wide. She stared at Henrik and tried to tell from his face if this was true. Unfortunately, she could discern nothing from Henrik's face.

"I was gone for the past few days." Henrik's eyes were fathomless. "This was because I had taken your sister abroad."

"Henrik Ji, what the hell do you want to achieve?" Sally roared. "Don't tell me that you sent my sister away because of me."

"Of course you are not so influential." Henrik sneered. "But unless I want you to, you will never see your sister again, even if both of you stay on Dragon Island all the time and Matthew helps you." His laughter became softer. Seeing Sally's vague expression, he couldn't help slowly explaining, "Sally, don't you think that I know that you contacted Matthew? In that case, the Ji Family and the Tang Family wouldn't have been in such a situation for so long."

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