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   Chapter 1418 Extra Story 21 of Mark A Tough Choice

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6208

Updated: 2019-10-24 00:13

Just then, she heard a slight noise. Sally instinctively raised her head and saw Wyatt sitting down across from her at the table. She blinked her eyes, trying to focus on the moment. Her head was spinning fast with his arrival. She tried to open her mouth and say something to greet him, but failed.

Upon sitting down, Wyatt broke the silence between them. "It is actually quite rude of me to ask you out like this." Wyatt's face was peaceful and his voice retained its usual calm as he spoke. "However, it is critical for me to personally straighten something out with you. We need to have a confirmed and unified decision when moving forward."

His emotionless tone and strict attitude upset Sally greatly. However, she understood that Wyatt, being the one closest to Addison, was trained to act like that. He would always act in Addison's best interests. She gazed at his blank face and simply said, "Go ahead. So, what's on your agenda for today?" Her voice was calmer than she had expected.

Wyatt gave her a slight smile and nodded. "Sally, you are smart as always. I am sure you know perfectly well why I am here today, and what I want."

His straight and focused gaze made her feel uneasy. Sally pressed her lips together tightly and remained silent. After a long pause, she finally uttered between her teeth, "Does he know?"

To her greatest surprise, Wyatt slowly shook his head and replied, "Young Master doesn't know."

Sally's face turned sour. She looked away from him and sighed before remarking, "Well, I guess that you've investigated me behind his back then." Her fists clenched underneath the table, yet her face remained as peaceful as ever.

Wyatt nodded. He hadn't planned to hide anything from her to start with. "It is all my personal initiative," he explained. "Young Master has specifically said that we are not allowed t

managed to walk out of the restaurant. She vaguely had the recollection that she had shivered and had eventually uttered "I agree" to Wyatt. He had her promise and she had lost everything that she had ever cared about.

"Sally, I am very sorry that things turning out this way." Wyatt's face was as sincere as ever and the look in his eyes was sympathetic. "You should understand that Young Master can't be with you. Your past would ruin his reputation. But, Young Master aside, you might even cause the unstable National Congress to reach a further catastrophic situation. We simply couldn't afford to let that happen."

Sally had agreed with every word which Wyatt said. She had recently held similar concerns as well. There was no future for them, was there?

Just then, a storm arrived. Rain beads cascaded on her face without any notice. They ran down her cheeks, mixing with her own tears. Sally stopped in the rain, not even seeking shelter. She raised her head, trying to see the cloudy sky. As the cold drops became larger, she felt something crack inside of her. Standing in the storm, soaking wet, Sally couldn't move a step further. Huge waves of agony devoured her, making it impossible for her to even think straight.

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