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   Chapter 1417 Extra Story 20 of Mark A Tough Choice

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"Don't make me laugh! Wouldn't that raise even more suspicion?" Sally scornfully snapped back. "Master Matthew, stop beating about the bush. Just tell me directly what you want, and I might consider agreeing to it."

"Really?" Matthew's laughter sounded harsh on the phone. "Listen, if you come to meet me, I might be kind enough to finally explain the truth to you."

"Don't be ridiculous! Do you really think that I am stupid enough to believe your dry words?" Sally snorted. "Master Matthew, I won't fall for that. If you want me to cooperate with you, then you need to, at least, show some sincerity. Now excuse me, I need to get back to work. Talk to me later when you take me seriously."

With these words, she abruptly hung up the phone. Matthew didn't even have the time to get another word in. He stared at the blank screen of the phone, his lip twisting sourly. There was a strange spark of fire glowing in his eyes. He slowly murmured to himself, "If I can possibly take advantage of Sally, things would definitely get more interesting." As he looked away, he cleared his throat and said in a peaceful tone, "However, it would be tricky, as a stubborn woman like her is hard to tame. Apart from Rachel, I can't possibly think of anyone else that she is concerned about!" He looked at the man standing next to him as if he was asking him for advice.

Ian didn't say anything at first. After a long silence, he finally opened his mouth and replied politely, "Master Matthew, it is indeed hard to find any weak points in Sally. Her family is broken and she has nothing left to lose. It would be extremely difficult to find something that we can use against her. Sally seems to be indifferent to anything around her. The only person she ever cared for is her sister Rachel. However, she is with the Ji Family and we can't use her as a threat. We will have to show Sally Lina's real condition in order to convince her. This is the only way. However, things could get tricky if we are not extremely careful. We need to further evaluate the situation and act with caution. That is, however, easier said than done."

Ian's words struck Matthew hard. He rubbed his chin and sighed deeply. "Uncle Yates has warned us of the consequence already. Otherwise, we could easily have targeted Addison himself. Things would be much easier if only we could have used

he didn't care anymore. However, she still wondered whether Addison knew about her past or not. How would he now see her from here on? If he ever found out about her past, what would he do? Would he just walk out of her life without any hesitation as if she meant nothing to him? Even if they bumped into each other on the street someday, would he then not even cast a glance in her direction? Sally's heart ached as she pictured their bitter future encounter in her head.

What would she do then? But she had her own pride. She would probably have smashed her purse against him and shouted with all of her strength, "Addison, you are the one who bailed out! Don't you dare to act like a martyr in front of me! I am the one who was mistreated here!"

Sally sat in the corner of the restaurant, and her eyes became weepy as these thoughts haunted her. She looked pale and bitter, like a fragile reed in the wind. Shaking her head rapidly, she tried to clear her mind of these crazy thoughts. She shouldn't be thinking of him anymore! It had to stop! Sally buried her face in her palms and said to herself, "Sally, you need to wake up. You cannot afford to think about him anymore. Every time you think about him, your heart feels like it's being stabbed by a blunt knife! You are driving yourself crazy! Stop lying to yourself and be strong! You have to let things go! You have to let him go! You are just too afraid to admit to the fact that the seven years of your time together meant nothing in the end. You don't even hold a place in his heart. What a coward you are!"

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