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   Chapter 1416 Extra Story 19 of Mark A Tough Choice

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7886

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We had been spending so much time practicing the perfect smile, that, gradually, we didn't even dare to shed vulnerable tears in front of each other.

Time went by really fast. Although Addison had left Sally's life, his influence remained overwhelming. For her, he seemed like the brightest shooting star crossing the dark night sky, and his dynamic influence illuminated the sky over her head. She couldn't help thinking about him and their past. The time that they had spent together was still fresh in her mind, and at times she felt it like a dull ache in her heart. She couldn't bear the thought of rousing herself from that beautiful dream. Deep down, she refused to say farewell to the past. However, the harsh reality was such that they had become the most familiar strangers since the day they had parted. Needless to say, matters were the same for Addison as well.

Henrik was called away on a business trip. Despite his absence, the operations at the Rock International Corp headquarters still maintained its standards. All employees were wholeheartedly devoted to their work, even though the boss was away. However, for the secretaries working in the CEO's office, the days had become relatively easier. Since the CEO was no longer present in the office, the girls were left with much more time to gossip during their work hours. The topics of discussion ranged from company staff, clients, and even the private life of the CEO himself, and many more juicy stories. Sally, having never been much of a talker, always listened to their gossip instead of joining the conversation. Most of the time, she just smiled briefly when something interesting caught her attention. However, one of the names that they mentioned led to a widening of her eyes. She yelped, "Lina?" Jennie was surprised by Sally's reaction. She looked at her blank face and wondered why on earth Sally would care about Lina. Staring Jennie directly in the eyes, Sally murmured, "Who is this Lina? I have heard that, Henrik doesn't have any siblings."

"Oh dear, you haven't been on Dragon Island for long, no wonder you have no clue about such things," another young secretary named Elisa Chang whispered as she leaned towards Sally. Her face was full of mysterious joy. She whispered, "Lina was adopted by the boss's family about five years ago." So saying, Elisa became even mor

that she had to answer it. The caller ID read "Matthew". Sally closed her eyes and cursed inwardly. Then she quickly opened her eyes, inhaled deeply and answered in an abrupt tone, "Master Matthew, could you stop calling me already?" Her voice was actually shaking. Anger filled her as she grated between her teeth, "I shall never agree to your demands!"

"It is alright." Matthew's voice sounded casual and relaxed. "I am just calling to invite you for a meal with me."

"Stop playing your unnecessary tricks on me! They won't work!" Sally's shoulders shivered as she tried to control her rage. Her voice was loud enough to turn heads. As she realized her inappropriate behavior was drawing attention, Sally silently sighed and nodded briefly to her colleagues. Then she lowered her voice and snapped, "I won't have dinner with you! You can forget about it. Don't you ever call me again regarding your stupid notions! Moreover, don't even try to make me feel grateful towards you. I don't care anymore. I am not going to give you even the slightest gratitude for giving me access to Henrik."

Matthew's face cracked with a profound smile, and his voice sounded distant yet overwhelming as he explained, "Uncle Yates just wanted to meet the woman who can so easily make headlines with her scandals. I am only the one who was told to pick her up in person, so don't shoot the messenger. Rest assured, today it will be just you and me." He paused briefly and then continued, "The venue has been booked in advance. I can guarantee you that no one else will be present."

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