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   Chapter 1415 Extra Story 18 Of Mark Blends and Loneliness

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Henrik coldly listened to the cries from inside. After half an hour, he furrowed his eyebrows, got up, and walked into the ward. He pushed the door open and spoke in fluent English with a sad face. "Will you please calm her down?" Then he indifferently glimpsed at Lina who shivered as tears fell on her face. "If you keep on crying, I'll leave you here alone."

Before everyone reacted, Henrik turned to leave and closed the door slowly. Lina's screams stopped but turned into silent sobs. Her despair only made everyone around her feel sorry and helpless.

Henrik checked his watch and said to Moore, "You stay here and watch her. I'm going somewhere for a while."

"As you wish," Moore responded as he watched Henrik walk out of the hospital.

When he had finally left the hospital, Henrik drove himself to Chinatown. He parked his car in front of a bar. It was already morning so that bar was lifeless. There were no customers and the workers felt stale in their posts.

Henrik entered, stood there, and looked around. Then a waiter came up to him. Before the waiter could even speak, Henrik said, "I came here to see Freeman."

The waiter heard the name and looked stunned. Then he tried to speak again but Henrik cut him off once more. "I am Henrik Ji."

This made the waiter petrified and he hurriedly responded, "Young Master Henrik, please come in and take a seat. I'll find the boss for you."

Henrik nodded and found a table beside the window. Out of nowhere, someone came to serve him coffee.

Freeman's favorite wasn't coffee but liquor in the past. In fact, he wasn't much a drinker but something happened that made him prefer liquor. It helped him forget the pain brought by that woman.

"Hello, Henrik, so did you get Lina treated?" a figure asked and sat opposite of Henrik. Looking at the coffee in front of Henrik which he didn't drink, the man continued, "I made this coffee myself. Why not have a taste?"

"Looks like it's my lucky day today. I think I am not lucky enough to enjoy something you learned to make for someone else, Uncle Freeman." Henrik joked with raised eyebrows and a haughty expression on his face.

"Hmm. I haven't seen you for years! You have finally learnt to pull a joke on me, eh?" Freeman Ji smiled. "So, what brings you here?"

"I can't bear to hear Lina's screams so I decided to come here and relax for a while," Henrik answered casually and looked around the ambiance and the decorations in the coffee shop. He snorted, "So you have changed some things around here, huh?"

"Ah, well. She arranged it," Freeman replied. "Well she sometimes likes to decorate so I let her do whatever she'd like."

Henrik knew who this woman was but unfortunately, this couldn't be discussed between them. Henrik narrowed his eyes, paying attention to the man in front of him. "Grandpa wants to know when you will come back?"

"Ah. Still the same old question, eh?" Freeman smiled. "We can talk about i

"Hello, this is Wyatt speaking." Wyatt cut in indifferently but still remained his polite demeanor.

The man on the other end of the phone call paused for a moment. "Please relay it to Young Master Addison. I have investigated on what he asked me to. Yesterday, at Hon Entertainment Center, somebody had purposely set up a trap and it attracted Young Master York. Lady Hedy followed him and it was fortunate she was there. Otherwise, the consequence would turn out the same as what Young Master Addison had expected." Then he continued after pausing for a while, "I'm not sure who exactly is on the other side but I have a strong hunch that it's from the Tang Family. I have refrained from investigating for now. I am seeking to Master Addison's further instructions."

Wyatt turned around to glance at Addison, who was depressed, and then answered, "Ah, I see. For now, I shall relay to the Young Master what you have said. Please wait for a call back."

"Understood. Thank you very much," the man responded and put down the phone after Wyatt hung up.

Wyatt checked the time on the phone and it was already past 1:00 AM. He rubbed his temples since he didn't know how long Addison planned to sit there. For the past seven years after Sally's disappearance, the young master was never that lonely until now. Right now, he looked so pitiful as if the whole world collapsed on him.

Wyatt frowned and an evil expression slowly crept up on his face. 'Young Master Addison is the future ruler of Dragon Island! Why is he letting such an ordinary woman control him like some puppet?'

Wyatt had decided to call the Shadow Organization. "Good evening. This is Wyatt. Investigate Sally Li's background for all these years. I need the concealed materials." Then he paused for a moment and added, "At all costs."

He put down the phone slowly and took a sharp breath.

His eyes turned ice cold as he watched his young master sitting still in the darkness at night.

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