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   Chapter 1414 Extra Story 17 Of Mark Blends and Loneliness

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7490

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I thought that I wouldn't be able to remember the clothes we had worn, the time, the place, and the feeling we both had when we met last time. I thought I had forgotten the shape of your face, your eyes, your lips... Even I had thought that I couldn't remember the feel of your hair, as well as the sound of your voice.

But it seemed like I could still recall all of them, as if it happened yesterday.

"Hmm! Hmm!" Sally wanted to push Addison away but he was heavier than her and she was tackled underneath him. She tried to muster her strength to resist but it was all in vain.

Addison gripped Sally's wrist as he kept kissing her torridly. He didn't let go no matter how hard she struggled. After all, they had been in love with each other seven years ago and he had waited for her for seven years. After everything that happened, he saw the way Matthew showed his affections towards Sally and had lost control. He even tried his best to endure it when he saw her sitting next to Matthew while they were inside Yates' room.

Addison kept raining her with kisses and even suckled on her collarbone continuously despite her resistance. He smirked to himself as Sally gradually gave in. And finally, she had lost herself into his arms.

It was getting warmer in that small room and Sally had let out a loud moan, causing Addison's hands travelling further into her body. Probably Sally had gotten too lonely or missed Addison too much. She was powerless in Addison's warm breath. Then he finally went inside her, broke the barrier, and filled her empty heart.

Addison felt that he was going insane. Their first time shouldn't be under such circumstances within such atmosphere. However, at that very moment, he had lost all reason. He indulged himself in Sally's moans and whimpers, and it further fueled his desires.

The night had filled their surroundings with darkness but it couldn't block the love in the air.

Pants, gasps, and moans filled the air. It was full of love with such strange movements. As Addison kept pushing in and out, burying himself deeper into her, he thought it was the most intimate thing he did to Sally but their hearts were turning farther and farther away from each other.

With all of his enth

id that he wouldn't be able to have the love the way his parents shared. If that was the case, how would he be able to face the pain of losing her and give up without putting up a fight?

Addison's eyes turned fierce and there was fire embedded deep in it. Then he finally calmed down.

Meanwhile, there was a girl screaming out somewhere.

"Please let me go. Please no! Have mercy on me! Ah!"

The sharp screams from the ward kept going. Henrik placed his hands inside his pockets and leaned against the wall quietly. His expression remained unchanged.

"Please don't hypnotize me! Have mercy! Please! I beg you! No! No! Please don't hurt me!"

Henrik's special assistant, Moore Xiao, stood next to him. He frowned as he heard the miserable screams inside. Then he turned to glance at Henrik, with trembling lips. "Boss, I have a suggestion. How about treat her once she calms down?" He didn't say anything further because Henrik's dark stare brought shivers down his spine.

As soon as they had got down the plane, they made sure that the girl got immediate treatment. Would it improve her condition though? He couldn't tell.

Moore grinned secretly. He tried to keep his spirits up but the ways of powerful and wealthy families baffled him. He even thought that it was way better to live ordinarily. He glanced at Lina and didn't know what exactly made her like that. Now she was afraid of everybody, aside from his boss. In her eyes, she felt everyone was going to hurt her.

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