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   Chapter 1413 Extra Story 16 Of Mark Dominance

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The Beautiful Lady Yu was the poem which she had read to him when she had last met him. While Tagore's collection of poems were the most beautiful expressions he had left her in her life.

"At night, when I walked upstairs to the tower alone, I was overwhelmed by endless sorrow. Crouching on the fence, I drowned myself in grief as if I was deeply drunk." "Wild geese flew and came, but my beloved one was gone away. Longing has drained my energy. There was a crescent in the sky when I rolled up the curtain. The dusk was the toughest time to get through."

Did this other poem of the Beautiful Lady Yu depict his present mood or hers? Perhaps, when she chose to recite the Beautiful Lady Yu, their fate to be apart was sealed. Was this God's will, as mentioned by their ancient ancestors? The silence lengthened in the room.

Sally had no idea of the reason why Matthew had brought her to the Tang Family tonight. If Yates had required to see her because of the news of the morning, then it was too ridiculous. Matthew had always been involved in abundant gossips after all. If Yates had to verify each of them one by one, he would burn out.

However, could it be that Matthew had intended to let her get in touch with Addison? It didn't seem so. Apparently, he was unaware of the fact that Yates had invited Addison to his home.

Much later, Sally crouched on the rail in the elevator, utterly fatigued. It occurred to her that she had experienced even tougher times these past few days than during the seven years she had spent in prison. It was not physical fatigue, but spiritual exhaustion. The only person who could do damage to her heart had always been only one man, from the very beginning.

With a ring, the door of the elevator opened. Sally checked the floor instinctively and then dragged herself outside into the hallway.

In front of the apartment door, Sally paused and felt that she was utterly drained and there was nothing left in her body. She leaned on the door while finding her

he have something over you?" Addison squinted and his pupils grew larger, almost swallowing her reflection in his eyes. "Matthew does everything for a purpose, so he would never pursue something without a goal."

"How could he have anything over me?" Sally laughed scornfully. "What about your real purpose today, Your Highness? If you've finished, please leave. I have an early morning tomorrow and I need to go to bed." So saying, she was about to get up. Facing Addison's sharp eyes, she knew that her part in this business would be exposed to him soon. However, she wouldn't give away the story of the past seven years to him, or let him know anything about the unpleasantness of her life. She didn't want that to happen at all.

Addison rose up suddenly, and grabbed Sally again. "What are you trying to avoid?"

Sally seemed to find a channel to vent all of her suppressed feelings after Addison's question, and she asked angrily, "What am I avoiding? Who can I avoid... You are the only one that I hope to get away from! Addison, I'm begging you. Please just let me go, okay?" She almost shouted the last words.

Addison just glanced at her quietly, but then abruptly, he lifted her head and pulled it towards his chest.

While Sally was still resisting, he had already expressed his control over her with his dominant kiss.

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