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   Chapter 1412 Extra Story 15 Of Mark Dominance

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Addison's lips trembled with self-mockery. "I am, but now she is gone."

Yates winked subtly while listening to him, and knowing the pain of such a loss, didn't ask for further details. No matter whether the word "gone" meant that she had fallen in love with another, or whether she had passed away, it was clearly a huge wound for Addison. To Yates' surprise, Addison had kept it a secret for so long. He still remembered that Molly had been complaining that Addison wasn't looking for a girlfriend.

"Uncle Yates!"

Hearing the exclaim, Yates turned to see Matthew and Sally, so he looked away and answered, "Hmm… Sit down first. We are soon to have dinner."

"Okay!" Matthew behaved respectful and polite, totally different from the Master Matthew of the Tang Family, who acted so recklessly outside. Considering that it was not a formal occasion, Addison had chosen not to wear the royal boutonnieres. Matthew nodded slightly in greeting at Addison and then moved towards the table.

However, Sally was shocked and remained silently rooted to the spot. She had to wonder why enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road, or perhaps God was just teasing her. Her mind tried to figure out the situation as she finally sat down. Since Addison was here, then the car parked at the back must then be his. Sally's face had turned pale for a moment, but fortunately, Matthew had already turned away.

Addison negligently looked after throwing the barest glimpse at Sally, and kept chatting with Yates, as if she was a complete stranger to him.

Yates' hand-made soup served as the starter course, after which, servants dished up the other well-prepared courses. Since most of the members of the Tang Family lived in the main mansion, they seldom came to Yates's private villa, except when gathering in the main hall. He preferred the peace and tranquility. His wife might be his nosiest part in his life. Since his wife had gone abroad, only Addison, Matthew and Sally were joining him for dinner.

From the very beginning to the end, Sally was like an invisible woman. Matthew didn't dare to cut in over the conversation while Yates was talking to Addison. Not ev

ok of poems which Sally had brought with her and smiled.

Sally couldn't help the whimsical smile that curved onto her lips in response. "I just wanted to have a taste of the ancient people's affection. Yeah, so I can better understand what you have done for me!" Actually, she didn't mean it.

However, Addison was willing to believe every word she uttered, even though he knew clearly that she was talking nonsense. It was not the first time that he took it seriously when she was making such irresponsible remarks.

"Why not show us what you read and recite one or two poems?" Addison instantly took away Sally's book, leaving no chance for her to review.

Sally glanced back at him, wearing a never-look-down-upon-me expression, and repeated from her memory. "When will there be no more autumn moon and spring flowers? For me who had so many memorable hours. If you ask me how much my sorrow has increased, just see the over brimming river flowing east!" She only chosen the beginning and ending lines, but Addison's growing smile triggered her anger. "I omitted the middle part because it's not very appropriate in this context!"

"Neither are the other parts. This poem sounds too sentimental, which doesn't fit the present atmosphere." Addison nodded darkly at Sally and his eyes narrowed, and then he also recited from memory, "You may remain a single person for the world. But for someone else, you mean the whole world to him!"

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