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   Chapter 1411 Extra Story 14 Of Mark Dominance

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7442

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The only thing in the world that you cannot lie to is your heart, since it always reveals your delights and sorrows when you do not watch out.


When Addison saw Sally from his view in the back seat as the car drove past, his eyes narrowed bitterly. Given his brief glimpse at Matthew and her, his pupils dilated enigmatically.

She just had an affair with Henrik, and now she has already shifted her focus to another guy? 'Well, Sally, it seems that I never knew you. Or did you just disguise yourself in front of me?' Addison thought bitterly as his eyes were again drawn to them.

He sat in a cold rage as the car passed them by, and his face remained rigid and detached.

Wyatt, who was driving the car, looked in the rear-view mirror and could see Addison's misery. He too had seen Matthew and Sally's intimacy in the left mirror, and knew that Addison had witnessed their very public display of affection. Spontaneously, he stepped down hard on the accelerator, trying to quickly maximize the distance and spare him some pain.

Despite this, Addison still caught a glimpse in the mirror of Matthew kissing Sally.

Sally was pissed off at Matthew who had almost stuck to her, so she gnashed her teeth. "Matthew, what the hell do you want? Is it really necessary for you to put on such a show with me before letting me seduce Addison?"

Matthew frowned slightly. "I'm just being curious. Why you are so resistant to the Tang Family?"

Sally was shocked by his perception, and couldn't really answer him. 'Why? For what reason am I keeping a distance from the Tang Family?' She was unable to figure it out either. It could probably have been a natural instinct, which drove her to keep her distance without her even considering what might be behind it. All she knew was that she would never allow them access to her, or she would regret it in the end.

"It's already against my will to be related to you. Don't you think that I am hoping to get involved with the Tang Family, Matthew?" Sally gnashed her teeth. "Are you going to marry me, since you so desperately want to return me to the Tang Family's house which has such a high profile?"

"Well, I appreciate that as a piece of constructive advice." Mat

k when I was in Europe. Would you like to have a look later?"

"The several other rocks which you recently gave me haven't produced any quality pieces of work..." Yates was meticulously slicing a radish with his slender, flexible and nimble fingers. Even though he was in his 40's, the passage of time had left no trace on him, as if he had remained exactly the same over the decades of his life. He revealed his tenderness, while at the same time, his mighty temperament also imposed inevitable stress on others. "If there is nothing else among your rocks again, I would recommend you give up on gathering more. Despite the Long Family's abundant assets, it's a waste of money for you to transport these rocks back home."

Addison shrugged to show his doubts on this assumption. "There will be one, as long as we are patient enough."

"Sure, if something novel is discovered, I will carve it for you myself." Yates' words seemed somewhat ironic.

"You said it, so I will take it seriously!" Addison smiled at Yates, their faces up close, and agreed after a second thought. "I will tell you what kind of patterns I like when I think it over later."

Hearing this, Yates asked, "Wait. You are so sure? If it lets you down, does that mean that I have to pay to have a rock carved for you myself?" He stopped his work and paused for a while, sizing up Addison, and then he asked, "Wait a minute. Are you falling in love with someone?" It was a guess, but hit close to the mark.

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