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   Chapter 1410 Extra Story 13 Of Mark Problem

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Life could be sometimes a series of compromises. Sometimes man would lose his self gradually and keep on compromising repeatedly.


Addison slowly raised his head and looked at York with panic written across his face. He lowered his deep eyes and furrowed his eyebrows. His slender fingers shivered, turning over the pages. Aside from the news about Sally and Matthew at the entertainment headline, the story of the fight in Hon Entertainment Center covered a large part of the page.

It was reported that some journalists were investigating the site in the said place and happened to witness some teenagers fighting. The report mentioned not only the fight but mainly the problem that the teenagers had entered the entertainment center to stir up public opinion. To make it worse, the words written in the report were aimed at the loose and lax royal policy. It even implied that a certain person who held a high position was making trouble.

Addison read the report without any hint of emotion. The report also said that Hon Entertainment Center belonged to the Rock International Corp. It was irresponsible of the Ji Family to allow such things to happen and only rely on their relationship with the royal family.

One could conclude that the purpose of the report was to criticize the imperial family and the Ji Family, and to attack the National Congress as well. Not to mention that vague picture in the report had confirmed that.

The issue wasn't shown as the headline but was published instead in the entertainment section. One could tell that the person who wrote it wanted to rouse public opinion without catching too much attention.

"Mark." York pulled the chair and sat down on it. His black and blue lips somehow recovered after one night but were still noticeable. He had read the news and knew how powerful public opinion could be. At the end of the day, the public would surely find out that it was him all alone. Addison raised up his head from the newspaper and looked at York.

"I'll handle this. All you need to do is go to school now." He paused for a moment and then continued, "If you want others to believe you, you must be able to fake it." He placed his tablet on his desk and stood up. "Inform everyone in the main mansion to prevent Aunt from watching the news today."

"Yes!" Wyatt answered and watched Addison walk out.

York frowned as he watched Addison's disappearing figure. Then he turned back at the tablet. He could only sigh and then shrugged. What happened yesterday wasn't a coincidence. It seemed like somebody had set it up. Fortunately, Hedy wasn't in the photo. Or else, if the problem got more serious, he would be helpless. He didn't know how to deal with it.

After he had left the mansion, Addison wasted no time coming to the National Congress. Every stride he took caused some of the staff to lower their eyes out of respect. Thirty minutes before 9 o' clock, he was already sitting in the council chamber. Ten minutes before 9 o' clock, the officials of the Ministry of Culture had entered one after another. When they saw Addison sitting there, they felt chills down their spines and went to their seats in silence.

Addison remained quiet and everyone present in the chamber dared not to do anything that would offend him the slightest bit. Richie was remembered by the people to be cold and indifferent. Meanwhile, Frank was kind of cunning and only worked for his self-interest. Ever since Eric became the ruler, nobody knew what he was thinking about. And this man sitting right before their eyes was most likely to take over Dragon Island. He seemed to have all the characteristics of the previous rulers from several generations. He was bossy, cold, cunning, and reserved. When in his presence, they would lose their train of thought under his instruction.

"So, everyone, have you all read the news this morning?" Addison spoke as he scanned his eyes across every face in the room. He started speaking when they were already in their proper spots.

The minister, Francis Liang, nodded. "Yes, I read about it." He paused for a moment and then his voice had a hint of caution in it. "Your Highness, is this about Matthew Tang or the Ji Family's entertainment center?"

"First and foremost, let's discuss the issue about the entertainment center." Addison's voice was low, like a lion king growling at his subordinates. Some started to feel anxious and nobody could tell what he was thinking. Then Addison continued, "This is why I informed all of you about our meeting today last night." His eyes turned cold and sharp. He continued, "Recently, teenagers keep entering entertainment centers after several prohibitions. Any suggestions, everyone?"

Almost everyone's mouth went dry. The room was silent with nobody responding. Despite the strict policies being implemented, there were still counter-measures. As time passed and everything had changed, society had also developed. And now, it was getting difficult to forbid teenagers from entering such places. However, everybody was aware of that but nobody dared to utter a single word.

"No answers? Very well then. I want all of you to hand in a detailed solution to my office before noon." Addison didn't show any hesitation. "And also, remember that the public on Dragon Island is free to have their own opinions but ZTV needs to create corresponding countermeasures for the reports. I don't want to forbid anything, but due to what happened these past days, I am unwilling to see such words. Besides, if the director doesn't feel comfortable in his position, we can always find a replacement." His voice was relaxed and casually from the beginning to the end, but his words were ruthless and decisive, and somebody was fired in an instant.

Everyone remained quie

in front of her. The car window at the back seat was down. She looked confused for a moment until it revealed Matthew's figure. She smiled faintly, opened the door, and got inside the car.

When she was finally seated, Ian started the engine and headed to Dragon Mountain at an average speed.

"Wow. I didn't expect that Master Matthew would be riding such a car," Sally said sarcastically. "Master Matthew doesn't look ordinary in a car of an ordinary brand."

Matthew nodded indifferently and added, "You see, Sally, it looks fitting for you."

"Hmph!" Sally snorted and turned her head at the car window to ignore Matthew. This man was difficult to deal with. She had already made a deal with a tiger and would get eaten without any trace left behind. After all, what choice did she even have? It was so obvious that Henrik wouldn't let her see Little Pear so she must try every means to stay within his circle. As an enemy of the Ji Family, the Tang Family could give her that chance.

The car passed by the populous commercial district and the central square. While Sally tried to organize her thoughts, the car went to an alley which backed onto Dragon Mountain in Dragon Leaping District and faced a white traditional villa by the sea.

Even if Sally didn't know that much, she knew it was the Tang Family's mansion. Either male or female had marked it as the most yearned place aside from the Long Family Mansion.

"Why did you bring me here?" Sally turned her head to Matthew, confused.

"Well, Uncle Yates told me that he wanted to see the woman mentioned in the report," Matthew answered casually. "That's why I brought you here for dinner."

"Matthew Tang, have you gone mad?" Sally started to panic and tried to open the door while the car was running. Ian pressed down the lock quickly. Then Sally started screaming. "Stop!"

Matthew's expression darkened with rage but he remained calm. "You know, all women hope that they could be in a relationship with the Tang Family. They all want to set foot into the Tang Family's mansion. Now, tell me. Why are you refusing me?"

"Please stop!" Sally howled hoarsely, not listening to Matthew.

But Ian didn't dare to stop the car without orders from Matthew. Sally's eyes widened out of anger and she took off her shoe and threw it into the car window with strength. Unfortunately, she was too naive. She could only watch her shoe bounce off from the car window in shock. Even if the car looked ordinary, it wasn't equipped with the civilian facilities she would see frequently.

In order to make the game more interesting, Matthew would naturally not let Sally be exposed to the public so soon. He remained thoughtful when he went to pick her up.

"Stop! Stop!" Sally kept banging the window like a madwoman. It formed tiny cracks on the glass because of what she did rudely.

Ian looked through the rear-view mirror and saw Matthew nodding. He let a sigh and pulled over the car. And he opened the lock.

Sally opened the car door and staggered as she stepped out. She had forgotten about her shoe and wanted to leave immediately. But before she could take a step further, Matthew followed her, pulled her by the arm, and pressed her down against the car.

Sally wanted to resist but Matthew was way stronger than she. She had no strength to push him away any longer. Their faces were dangerously close. She could feel his breath on her face as the sun was setting.

She had heard an engine's sound coming from far away. Sally wanted to get up and when she started to move, Matthew pushed her back. By the time, the car had passed by beside them. Sally clearly saw the black car through the corner of her eye. For no reason, she felt her heart had suddenly stopped beating.

There was a sharp gaze coming from the car. She felt as if it pierced through her chest like a knife.

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