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   Chapter 1409 Extra Story 12 Of Mark Headline

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In the dark room, there was a whimpering sound

that could be heard—it was weak and stifling.

Lina was huddled in the corner, her eyes filled with fear and anxiety as if she was scared of the world. Everywhere she looked were strangers. She didn't know anyone and nothing was familiar. Like someone had just shoved her into this new place as some sick surprise.

Henrik was watching her from a distance. Still, she remained in her corner. Even he could not get close to her. He sighed as he sat by the bed, a bit exhausted. Still, he kept his gaze towards her.

Lina suddenly leaned against the wall while Henrik sat down as if what he just did surprised her. She would've melted into the wall if she had a choice.

"When are you going to face the music?" Henrik asked in a low voice. "It's been days. Like I said, I'm staying too, but what are you doing here now?"

Lina looked at Henrik, panicking as she shook her head as if she wanted to tell him no.

Henrik narrowed his eyes at Lina before saying, "It's okay if you don't want to stay here. I'll ask Chad to pick you up so he can bring you to T City." As he was just about to leave, he suddenly felt a cold and small hand grab his. Then Henrik turned back, frowning, with his eyes on Lina's. He let out a small sigh and said slowly, "What do you want me to do? I can't do anything."

"I only want you. I want you," Lina cried out, tightly gripping Henrik's hand.

Henrik turned around and picked Lina up. "Lina, let me send you abroad. I have found the best treatment team there. They will cure you. Then you can live a normal life." His voice sounded certain. "You need to go this time."

Henrik looked helpless as he felt Lina tremble in his arms. "Mommy and daddy will go with you." His eyes dimmed. He gritted his teeth, running out of patience. Soon, he added, "Lina, I can't do anything for you if you don't go! How do you expect me to take you out if you're like this?" Lina looked back at him fearfully. "You need to accept the treatment this time, Lina." He put her down rather roughly, turned, and then left.

Lina exploded the minute she was left alone. She was screaming, kicking, and yelling—everyone outside could hear everything.

Henrik stood outside the door, his eyes cold like ice. Then he said sharply, "Arrange a plane for Lina to be taken out of the country."

"Yes, sir," a man replied.

Henrik looked back at the closed door, then left.

At this moment, at the end of the hallway, Roger had just come down from upstairs. He heard the sounds coming from the room and watched as Henrik disappeared at the other end of the hallway. Then he said slowly, "You said Matthew met Sally on the day of the birthday party?"

"Yes, sir," Bartek replied respectfully.

Roger stared at the empty hallway and said carefully, "Whatever happens, Lina needs to get out of the country." He looked upset. After glancing at the closed door to Lina's room, he turned to head downstairs in his crutches.

Bartek immediately rushed to give Roger a hand and said, "If Henrik still doesn't want to let—"

"Can't we stall him?" Roger interrupted coldly.

"Yes, sir," Bartek replied. "I already know what to do next."

Roger's skinny body cast a long shadow upon the long staircase. It was the shadow of a powerful and commanding man as if his age hadn't slowed him down one bit.


Sally worked at a coffee shop and recently there had been some strange things happening. A certain customer had been frequenting the place as if he was just crazy about the coffee here.

But, obviously, it wasn't true. Matthew had never taken a sip. Every time he came here, he just ordered one cup of coffee and left it to cool down.

"Three hundred and twenty eight dollars." Sally put the bill on the table Matthew was sitting at.

"I don't know if it's because I've changed." Matthew took out the money from his wallet, smiling. "Or it's your coldness that attracts me." He spoke with his head down, as a strange smile played lightly on his lips.

Sally said nothing but took the money. It was five hundred dollars. After giving the change back to him, she said, "Thanks for coming." Then she turned and walked away. Matthew was just an ordinary customer to her which she took tips from.

Matthew sat there, staring at the change that Sally had just put down on the table. His arms were folded across his chest and he still hadn't taken that smile off his face yet. Then, looking at Sally, he got on his feet, and announced, "Sally, I'll come here every day until you agree to my invitation." Everyone in the coffee shop was looking at them.

All eyes were on Sally. People were astonished—some were doubtful while some couldn't help but be jea


She slowly withdrew her arm and looked at the calling card. The calling card read, "Ji Group International, Manager of Human Resources Department, Joe."

Sally had to read it twice just be sure that he was the manager of Human Resources Department in Ji Group International. She frowned and thought, 'The Tang Family and Ji Family are rivals. I can't believe the manager of Human Resources Department of Ji Group International is working for Matthew! That means there are also other people who work for Henrik but whose real loyalties lie with Matthew.'

The next day

The sun was up and shining breaking the morning with its bright, yellow light.

Addison was sitting in the yard of the Long Family Mansion. Next to him was a white hollow British style table. On the table was a cup of hot coffee and some simple snacks. The sun faintly hit the yard—everything was quiet and it looked like a watercolor painting.

Addison was scrolling through the news on his iPad. He read everything from finance to entertainment. He read the news as long as he had time. As the next possible ruler and the president of the Dragon Empire Group, this was a useful habit to keep. He needed to be aware of what was happening and it also helped with his knowledge building.

Suddenly, he stopped scrolling when he saw the headline of Global News.

The title was, "Master Matthew found hanging out in small, local coffee shop for five days crushing on a barista, the barista quit her job, and got on his car!" The article was complete with details except for the name of the coffee shop—the photo had been blurred on purpose.

But anyone who knew the place would recognize it at once even with the image pixelated. It was obvious that the photos on the news weren't taken by paparazzi—they were taken with a phone with a good camera. Addison recognized Sally to be the barista right away.

Global News was known by its sharpness. They reported news in a sharp manner—it was direct, factual, and they always included photos. People thrived on gossip about the lives of the rich and the fabulous so the newspaper often exploited this with tons and tons of stories about them. In addition to that, it was unheard of that Matthew be tied down by a single woman.

Addison's face turned pale and his eyes dimmed.

Wyatt frowned as he watched Addison from a distance. He didn't hear anything big happening in Dragon Island but the look on Addison's face... Wyatt retreated two steps back, mouth agape, took out his phone and checked the news. He went straight to entertainment—skipping politics and finance.

As expected, Matthew was headlining everything.

Wyatt furrowed his brows together. At that moment, his phone suddenly buzzed. He glanced at the screen before answering, "Master York."

"Wyatt, has Addison left?" York asked.

"Young Master is still at Glamour Hall."

York excitedly replied with a "Yes!" before hanging up. A few minutes later, Wyatt saw York running inside Glamour Hall. He went straight to Addison. The first thing he said was, "Bro, they reported on the fight that happened in the Hon Entertainment yesterday!"

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