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   Chapter 1408 Extra Story 11 Of Mark Getting Entangled

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Hon Entertainment Center was one of the biggest on Dragon Island

and belonged to the entertainment department of Ji International.

It was not a leading enterprise of the Ji Family but was rather a necessary, sordid connection to the existence of the gangland.

Addison arrived quickly. As soon as the car stopped, he saw Hedy standing at the door and looking around anxiously. He took off the symbol of his position and then got out of the car, walking over with an expression like a thundercloud.

"Mark, you've finally come..." At the sight of Addison, Hedy hurriedly ran to him. "My brother is still inside, and I can't persuade him to leave at all."

Addison didn't reply but looked Hedy up and down before saying coldly, "It seems that the Ministry of Culture needs to investigate the entertainment industry of Dragon Island..."

Hedy grinned briefly but then turned serious and said in a hurry, "Mark, now is not the right time to ask why my brother and I are here, alright?" She wore a sad face as she suddenly thought of something, and it gave her enough pause to hesitate. "Damn it. How could I forget that there are reporters inside! Mark, if you enter..."

"Young Master, I am going to find the manager." Wyatt showed up quite timely, with a bow and then headed inside.

"Ah, I have forgotten our lovely Little Wyatt..." Hedy hugged Wyatt gratefully. "Hurry up. If you get there too late, either my brother or those men will be beaten up. No matter who wins, it will be screwed."

Wyatt was not impressed and wore a long face. Every time he heard Hedy call him Little Wyatt, he had the urge to squeeze the life out of her. Of course he could do nothing but nurse that thought.

Addison nodded slightly and then took Hedy to the coffee shop on the other side of the building.

Hedy lowered her head submissively and followed Addison. She raised her head several times and wanted to explain, but she remained silent, since she didn't know what to say in the end. Her brother was 17 years old, and she was 15. They had not only entered the entertainment center, despite being teenagers, but had also gotten involved in a fight with somebody. They were done for.

"Where are your shadows?" Addison's voice was calm.

"We sent them to do something else." Hedy's voice was as low as a mosquito's hum and equally whiney. Actually Hedy and her brother had told their shadows to go somewhere faraway intentionally and they would have fun freely. This was also why the bodyguards were unable to return in time when they were needed.

Addison turned his head back and glanced darkly at Hedy, and snorted in exasperation. He saw her taking one cowardly step backward and shook his head in helpless anger. Then he pushed the door open and entered the coffee shop.

"Excuse me..." The waiter was surprised when he recognized Addison's face. Then he lowered his head respectfully and whispered, "Your Highness, do you need us to clear the shop of the customers?"

"No. Just find a quiet seat for me," Addison said casually, not wanting to cause a fuss.

"Yes, certainly!" the waiter answered. "Your Highness, this way, please."

The light in the coffee shop was dim, and the seat backs were tall and well padded. Because it was a high-class establishment, in a sense, every table had been designed with privacy in mind.

The waiter led Addison to a corner table at the far end. Since it was dinner time already, there were only a few customers in the coffee shop. Addison could observe a large part of the shop from there, but it was difficult to see his table from the other seats.

Addison ordered coffee for himself and orange juice and some cakes for Hedy. Then the waiter left. In order not to affect the daily life of the kids of the Long Family, the media wouldn't report about them at ordinary times, but Addison often showed up in public. Now he had brought a teenage girl to a coffee shop, so the waiter curiously stole another look at them before leaving.

Addison didn't say anything while they waited for Wyatt to solve the problem. Hedy fidgeted uncomfortably and the atmosphere had become depressing, making it difficult to breathe. After the waiter had served the orange juice and cakes, she could finally hide her discomfort in eating.

Addison glared at Hedy and then took out his cell phone to make a call. After the call was connected, he stated coldly, "Inform all members of the Ministry of Culture to attend a meeting in the small council chamber at nine tomorrow morning." Afterward, he hung up the phone.

Hedy howled in secret. 'Mark is not being reasonable at all. Huh? If only Charlie didn't leave... Although he would also have taught us a lesson, we would have the chance to have more fun in future!'

Feeling resentful, Hedy cut the cake mechanically while staring at Addison with her eyes wide open in silent protest.

"Your dad is not home today. If he was, I would enjoy seeing how he would punish you," Addison said ruthlessly. "You are becoming more and more disobedient. It would have been better if you just came here, but you chose to make trouble. Huh..."

Hedy pulled a long face and pouted, but she lowered her large eyes powerlessly. She continued eating the cake in an attempt to elevate her low spirits.

There were noises from the door. Addison looked in that direction. He saw Wyatt forcefully guiding York Long to them. As the two approached, he could clearly see York's black and blue lips. The evidence of his fighting was undeniable.

"Mark..." York greeted Addison and then glared balefully at Hedy before sitting next to her. He was in

dn't know how to answer these aggressive questions for now, and helplessly she just let Addison press her to the wall.

"Addison, Dragon Island belongs to your family. But it is my home, too. Do I need to ask your permission to return?" She gritted her teeth and glared at him angrily. "As the future ruler of this country, do you need to handle every such trifle in person? Should I praise you for cherishing your people, or think of you as an approachable leader?" Sally stammered out the rebuke with one single breath, not knowing if it was because of her anger or sadness. She gasped for breath and her chest heaved up and down again with emotional gasping.

Addison's charming face was hidden in the dark, but had she seen him clearly, she would also have seen his turbulent emotions. He stared at Sally both humbly and helplessly. He slowly loosened his grip on Sally and gazed at her for a while before turning around. He stopped after moving three steps and then said in a blank and distant voice, "Sally, I shouldn't have loved you in the beginning, or waited for you until now." His voice was firm and decisive, but hinted at a strong and unusually vulnerable emotion. He seemed to feel intense regret, or he was wildly wishing for something which he could not have. "Even so, I have still hoped that my love for you would enjoy a happy ending and wished that I would finally have you by my side, after years of waiting..."

These words of loneliness were spoken in a deep voice, and they were especially touching in the darkness.

"I saw you just now. You were at a loss..." Addison looked ahead, his black eyes mixed with the darkness. Even he seemed unable to feel the sadness hidden in his eyes. "Do you know how much strength I needed to stop myself from walking over to help you? After you leave, do you know that I will quietly wait for you here? Sally." He called her name in a long and gentle tone. It spoke of a longing which was inexpressible and hidden. "I want to see your heart... and check if you even kept me in it after all for these past seven years."

Addison smiled in a self-mockery and turned his face away, even though he couldn't see anything. "If you want to go on living in this way... If you want to live without me, I will make your wish come true." He looked down at the dark pavement. "Please, live happily. I don't want to see you, ever again. Please don't show your face before my eyes again, or make me feel pity ever again..." After these bitter utterances, the self-mockery twisted his lips into a scowl. After a long moment's hesitation, he slowly walked away.

Sally slowly looked after Addison while he walked into the darkness, and she didn't say anything at all. Her mouth opened slightly as if to respond, or to call him back, but instead she couldn't utter even one word.

With her body slumping forward, she slid down from the wall. Sally's lips turned down with grief as tears fell from her eyes and salty sorrow stained her lips. What Addison had said was like a knife which twisted in her heart with such impact that she could hardly breathe.

"Addison, remember what you have said..." Sally stated indifferently. "Please don't ever show up in front of me, either. If something like today happens, please treat me as a stranger..." She stood up slowly until, finally, her grief consumed her and she was swept away in the darkness. Finally, she continued calmly, "It was an accident to meet you, but I don't want to make it inevitable!"

Addison suddenly stopped as he reached the end of the alley. Hearing Sally's words ringing with finality through the night, he thought it hateful and closed his brooding eyes to conceal the sorrow in them even if nobody

would care about it now.

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