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   Chapter 1407 Extra Story 10 Of Mark Refusal

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Sally's face changed sharply.

She said, without a second thought, "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that I can't help you." Then she turned around and was about to leave.

"I can give you some time to think it over," Matthew suggested slowly and lightly, while raising his eyes to look at Sally's back. "I just hope I can get your reply soon."

Sally gritted her teeth and turned back. When she looked down at Matthew's cold smile, she clenched her fist tightly and then left.

"Master Matthew?" Ian looked at Matthew in confusion. 'We planned to let Sally seduce Henrik, didn't we? Why is Addison now the target?' he thought in surprise.

Matthew's eyes grew darker and he said in a sibilant tone, "Sometimes, we have to be farsighted. Uncle Yates always said that my biggest shortcoming was that I was too short-sighted. I am thinking that if a gentleman, a public figure, became involved in a scandal, it would be very funny. It's a pity that Charlie and Evelyn have already gotten married. However, His Highness still has not caused any rumors. The former rulers were all involved in scandals at some stage, but His Highness's purity has made me upset." Then, he stood up and walked towards the hall, with a lustful smile on his face.

Matthew looked around first and then walked directly towards Roger. "Mr. Ji, happy birthday to you. Wish you a long life." He handed over a long red envelope which Ian had passed to him. "Uncle Yates is so busy that he can't make the celebrations today. This is his gift. He asked me to convey his best wishes to you."

Roger laughed. "He is so nice." He gestured for someone to take the gift. "Tell your uncle, when he is free, he must come over to play chess with me. I'm afraid that he seems to have forgotten me after getting married."

"Yes," Matthew answered. "I'll pass along your message."

"Okay, well done." A smile spread across Roger's face. "Henrik is over there. You should catch up on old times."

"Yes," Matthew answered simply. He seemed as gentle and polite as a youth should be. He nodded in greeting to Henrik's parents and left with Ian.

"What's in it?" Roger asked without changing his expression, a smile fixed in place. "Let's see what I should return to the old goat."

"Okay!" His subordinate who stood behind Roger took the envelope and opened it. When he saw the paper in it, his eyes widened as he said, "Master Roger, look!" Then he passed the paper to Roger.

Roger lowered his eyes and glanced at the document. He still smiled evenly, "He is so generous." His eyes grew dark. "I'll owe him. But how can I return this to him?" He did not seem pleased.

Since his son and daughter-in-law heard his words, they also walked forward to have a look. When they saw that it was a land ownership transfer for the new developed area on the Dragon Island, they were shocked and their eyes grew wide. It was an extremely expensive gift indeed.

The Dragon Island was not what it used to be. Through the efforts of many generations, it had grown bigger and bigger. Several years ago, Addison had suggested the development of a new area of more than ten thousand hectares in the west of the Dragon Island as a new residential district. Eco-friendly infrastructure and thousands of homes would be constructed there. To resolve ownership, the whole area was divided into twenty parts. Plots of land could be obtained via bidding. The Tang Family had obtained seven and the Ji Family, five, ranking number one and two respectively. There was some difference in the number of plots, but the overall squared areas were almost the same. What upset the Ji Family most was that the land which they had wanted most was in the pocket of Yates, the ruler of the Tang Family.

This land was in Roger's hands now.

If one gained something too easily, it would lead to suspicion and stress. Roger did not trust this gift for one second. Yates was different from the previous rulers of the Tang Family. He was gentle and graceful but also bossy. In his world, he only obeyed his own rules. Today, he had given Roger this land as a birthday gift. But it was not as simple as it looked. However, nobody could see through the cunning Yates, including Roger, despite having so much experience.

"Humph!" his daughter-in-law snorted. "He must be feeling guilty to..." She didn't finish her words, because her husband stared hard at her. Biting her lips, she did not continue. Care should always be taken of expressing opinions in public.

Roger had also cast a warning glance at her, and then gestured for his subordinate to put the paper away. No matter what Yates wanted to do, Roger had to receive this gift. If not, the public would begin to believe that the Ji Family was declining.

"I'm tired. I'll go rest now. You all treat the guests." While speaking, Roger turned back and went upstairs.

The banquet continued. Almost all the local celebrities from the Dragon Is

they were related to the import-export trade of the Dragon Island. As a leader of the Dragon Island, Eric had to be focused on the economy. "You should visit the Tang Family more often. Yates always keeps old friendships in his mind."

Addison nodded. "I got it." Eric froze for a moment and then asked, "It's said that Yates had transferred some land to the Ji Family?" Addison nodded, confirming the rumor.

"Right." Eric lay back in the office chair, and touched his chin gently. He said with a slight frown, "Alas, I shouldn't have been merciful at that time."

Hearing his words, Addison smiled. "You are still merciful now."

Eric froze, sighed, and rolled his eyes. "If so, am I going to sleep on the floor?"

Addison's smile grew bigger, and he stood up and was about to leave. "I have to go. Wish you good luck, Eric." He bowed slightly in salute, then flashed Eric with a happy look and left.

As he walked out, Wyatt headed him off and reported, "Young Master, Sally didn't leave and has stayed on the Dragon Island."

Addison frowned, and stepped onto the elevator. When he got to his office, he asked, "Have you found the reason yet?"

Wyatt's expression froze. "Young Master, in T City, you said that all things concerning Sally shouldn't be investigated."

With a tightening frown, Addison recalled what he had said that day when he had been so mad. He realized that he could not rescind the order, and sighed regretfully.

"Let her go!" Addison pinched the skin between his eyes, trying to relieve some tension. "Tell them to attend a meeting at three o'clock this afternoon. All the above ministers must attend."

"Yes," Wyatt answered. Then he looked up at Addison and asked cautiously, "Young Master, do you really not wish to take care of Sally?"

Addison's face turned black at once. "You can take care of her!"

Wyatt was frightened and said in a hurried tone, "I'll issue the notice." Then Wyatt rushed out of the office. He could not stand to face his master's rage.

Addison stared at the computer screen which was occupied with data, but he began to feel annoyed. In the end, all of the data began to resemble Sally's cold face. He sighed slightly, and realized that he didn't know when he would stop cheating himself. It was hard to learn to forget her. Perhaps even impossible?

However, keeping busy would help him forget it. The tedious meeting didn't end until seven o'clock that evening. After Addison left the meeting room at the National Congress building, the others also began to leave.

Addison drove from the National Congress to the Long Family Mansion. He had almost reached the Mansion, when his phone rang.

"Mark, help!"

When Addison put the phone to his ear, he heard a fearful cry from the other side of the line. He frowned in disbelief and said slowly, "If you still have time to shout for help, then that means that you are still not in desperate circumstances."

"Ah! It's urgent this time!" Hedy stamped her foot. "My brother is fighting against some bad people. Mark, come on, help, please!" Her voice was full of anxiety. Then she muttered, "If Charlie was here, I wouldn't have called you."

Addison frowned. "Where are you now?"

"Hon Entertainment Center," Hedy said in a low

and urgent voice.

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