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   Chapter 1406 Extra Story 9 Of Mark The Picture

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"Distinguished guests, thank you for coming to attend my birthday party today..."

With a reddish glow creeping on his face, Roger stood on the stage wearing a stately Tang suit, a traditional Chinese garment. Hidden lights cast soft and gentle beams of light on his large family, which included his son, daughter-in-law, daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren and so on. He delivered the note of acknowledgement like a much younger man, whose strength belied his age. There were sounds of clicking against the shutters from time to time, which presented a most harmonious tone to this sonorous moment.

"Today, I would like to make an announcement." Roger paused, indicated that the audience should focus on Henrik, and then Roger continued with a proud smile, "My grandson Henrik is going to be taking charge of The Kingdom of Rocks."

Although the gathered guests and media representatives might have already predicted the announcement before the party, they were still somewhat surprised when Roger made the official announcement. At that moment, all the spotlights were shining on Henrik, and the reporters looked forward to creating a dramatic headline.

"Fine, let me be brief. If you guys take care of my Henrik, I would be incredibly grateful." Roger seemed to crack a joke then. "Next, let's welcome Henrik to give us an opening dance!"

The party was being held to celebrate Roger's birthday, but right at this moment, the lime light had shifted from Roger to Henrik. The news had now been released that he would take over The Kingdom of Rocks. In other words, this announcement had been Roger's real purpose all along. After all, the four big families had to do something to fight back, since Eric had so ruthlessly suppressed and crippled them.

Henrik hadn't brought a dance partner to the party. However, there were dozens of starlets and single ladies from established families who were willing to oblige. Therefore, as the gentle music began playing, these women were all hoping that Henrik would invited them for this special dance. The Ji Family was on the same social level as the Tang Family on Dragon Island after all, and it was also one of the double tycoons in the four big families. It would be exceedingly good fortune for any woman to marry into the Ji Family.

However, Sally was different from any of them. Her eyes were scanning the whole crowd of the Ji Family, noting all of them, from the most impressive to the lowliest. No matter whether they were close relatives or distant ones, the Ji Family had a large family tree. However, Rachel was still nowhere to be found within this huge population.

'Was that picture an authentic one?'

Sally found that her mind was as confused as a tangled skein, and her hands that held her handbag couldn't help clenching it. All that she really wanted was an opportunity to get out of here, in order to check if the location on the picture was nearby this villa. To her surprise, Henrik came up to her without any warning, put his arm around her waist, and assumed a parabolic posture to invite her, like a gentleman, for a dance.

"Miss, may I dance with you?" Henrik extended the invitation in a low and horse but attractive voice.

All of the guests and the gathered media also turned to look at Sally. Of course, there was no lack of jealous and envy in the looks which some of the more ambitious of the women gathered about Henrik flashed her.

Finding herself in such an embarrassing pickle, Sally couldn't help cursing Henrik for a thousand times in her mind. The last thing that she had wanted was to draw public attention to herself. "I'd love to, but I'm sorry. I can't dance." She rejected him with an indifferent politeness. Her hands grasped the handbag even tighter as she became nervous. Besides, she could clearly sense Addison's detached but penetrating look from across the room, and it was about to tear her heart apart.

Hearing this, Henrik still smiled at Sally's delicate face. He forcefully seized her hands, as if he had not been turned down. When Sally tried desperately to get away from him, he whispered in a low voice that only she could hear, "Aren't you coming for me, today?" Seeing that Sally was about to quit struggling, Henrik smiled. "You really don't know what it means to give up."

Sally was shocked for a moment. Before she realized what Henrik meant, he pulled her on the dance floor.

With the melody of waltz ringing out, Henrik gave his best dance performance and lead Sally in beginning a fabulous display of grace and rhythm on the middle of the stage. With a beautiful movement of pulling, pushing and pulling Sally back again, Henrik continued their conversation. "I had heard that you didn't want her to be influenced by you before you were sentenced to prison, but now, aren't you contradicting what you said before?"

Henrik forced Sally to join him passively in the dance. Fortunately, prison had not only had meals and labor tasks, but also activities such as dance to keep them occupied. Thanks to the ballroom dance they had learnt in prison, she was capable of handling this bizarre occasion. "I'd never thought of trying to influence her," Sally sneered. "Of course, I have to make sure that she lives a happy life."

Henrik dragged Sally forward and with a powerful palm bent her waist over. Then he looked down upon her with his lips in an airy smile. "Do you think she lives well in the Ji Family?"

"Well, I can't give you that answer for sure until I see her in person." While talking, Sally was abruptly pulled upright by Henrik.

Their quiet conversation while moving in the dance might have been seen as a gentle whisper from the outside. It couldn't be any warmer or more affectionate, or so it seemed. As a result, all of the women present who were crazy for Henrik's attentions stared at Sally with an envy that couldn't be suppressed.

sy and cruelty among the younger generation of the Tang Family. Different from the beauty of the Tang Family's ruler, Matthew was only distinguished by his fortitude. With large eyes under bushy eyebrows, his facial lines appeared gloomy and sinister. He induced a sense of terror in Sally, and she trembled despite the hot summer night.

"Sit down." Perhaps Matthew was used to giving orders so his words were spoken with an air of arrogance. Nevertheless, he still had an imposing aura going for him. After all, apart from the Long Family, the Tang Family boasted the most dominance and could not be ignored on Dragon Island.

Sally behaved quite obediently and sat down as he instructed. "I hear that the package which I received in T City was actually sent by you, Master Matthew?" She looked at him guardedly.

"Yeah," Matthew agreed, and smiled at Sally. "I thought you might take it easy, but..." He didn't say it out loud and taunted her then, "You fight alone against the Ji Family. So even though I give you the address, it is still in vain."

Sally rubbed her hands for a moment, and automatically ignored Matthew's irony. "Then why are you telling me… about my sister's situation?"

Matthew sneered and carried on with his eyes turning evil, "Don't you know that I am Henrik's implacable enemy? I will undermine whatever he wants. Likewise, he does the same to me." After a pause, he stood up. "Since there is a chance to send trouble his way, I would like to do that."

Although Sally had only been released from prison just a month ago, she had quickly caught up on the news. T City, the port of Dragon Island, was renowned for its dozens of newspapers and online gossips, especially about Dragon Island, and she had learned fast. Even though Sally didn't want to know what happened on Dragon Island, she still had access to the rumors and knew something about both the Tang and Ji Families.

"I'm afraid it will not be that easy!" she said adamantly. Sally was not an idiot. While she had been isolated from society for seven years, her IQ didn't degrade in that time. "Such things might have a negative impact on me, but cannot make any difference in striking Henrik." After a pause, she smiled grimly. "On the other hand, Henrik is in charge of the Ji Family's business now As far as I know, The Tang Family is not controlled by you!"

Matthew's face flashed with anger for a brief moment, but he soon regained his calm at once. "So what?" After a pause, he lay back on the garden bench, watching various guests at the party strolling about. "You just need to tell me whether you wish to see your sister, or not. If your answer is no, we can call it a day."

Sally wished to turn him down, but she was not forceful enough to act like that. Her sister was her vulnerability and allowed for her to be manipulated.

"What are your terms?" Sally gnashed her teeth. There was no such thing as a free lunch, particularly with these guys from the super-rich families. Everything that they did had a reason behind it.

"You are so calm." Matthew leaned forward and smiled wickedly. "I'm kind of into you."

"You'd better not be!" Sally sneered. "Otherwise, I guarantee you will regret it!"

Matthew had a broader sense of humor and didn't take Sally seriously. "My terms are quite simple. If you help me with one thing, I will do you a favor and bring your sister back to you. Perhaps I can even set her free from her own status quo."

"Why should I believe you?" Sally questioned scornfully. "I haven't even see her, so how do I know whether your picture was photoshopped, or not?"

"Then you can verify it first before you make a decision." Matthew shrugged to show that he could wait.

Sally smiled bitterly. "First, I have to know what you need me to do."

Matthew sized Sally up, and then focused on her cute face, uttering each word slowly and clearly.

"I need you to seduce Addison!"

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