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   Chapter 1405 Extra Story 8 Of Mark An Influential Family

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Brightness and darkness were always intertwined, completely different but could not exist without the other.

If there was no light, there wouldn't be shadows and vice-versa.

When Henrik and Roger finally walked out, a luxury caravan had arrived. It made its way to its parking space slowly and an attendant opened the door.

A pair of shiny leather shoes had stepped on the ground as those slender legs cast a long shadow. Addison appeared in a black suit, white dress shirt, and a blue striped tie. The shield-shaped brooch on his chest shone brightly under the lights. His bright and deep eyes narrowed and then fixed towards Roger.

He was way different from the twins, Charlie and Evelyn, who only joined to have fun. Addison represented the imperial family for the celebration of Roger's birthday. After all, the imperial family paid attention to the top four families despite having frustrated them. There were times that political measures must be taken due to helplessness.

"Your Highness!" All members of the Ji Family bowed respectfully to him.

Addison looked forward and walked calmly to support Roger's arm. He smiled sincerely. "It's your birthday, so the spotlight is all yours today. There's no need for such formalities." Then he paused for a moment, glancing at Henrik and then his parents. "Everyone, please don't be so uptight because of my arrival. I wish all of us to relax and be merry in this day!"

"Yes, Your Highness!" Everyone finally stood straight with smiles on their faces and invited Addison into the villa.

Despite the evening summer breeze blowing gently, some people felt restless. There were fake smiles, gossipy whispers, and suspicious glances at the gathering.

Different from other countries, Dragon Island followed the royal system but the Long Family made sure to stay close with their people. After all, the Long Family had devoted themselves to civilian harmony and the wish and core belief of Dragon Island. So Addison's attendance didn't make the party of this wealthy family stiff, although there were times wherein he had taken the spotlight.

A lot of things turned difficult upon Addison's arrival. Some people who wanted to do something would rather restrain themselves.

Addison didn't stay long in the lobby and accompanied Roger to the study room. Roger had a special hobby. It was playing chess. There was a reason why Addison seemed to quieter and calmer than most people. He couldn't speak properly when he was under the age of four due to language barriers. He was always busy with the affairs of the country and Dragon Empire Group. Nobody could have known since when he liked playing chess which wasn't suitable for young men.

"Oh. Mark has already accompanied Roger into his study." Elsa blinked innocently and watched with her head held high. Nobody could tell if it was because she saw him for the first time in the party. She even thought that Addison was way more handsome than Charlie.

Charlie's face fell for a moment and then his lips curled into an evil smile. He warned her, "Elsa, your eyes might pop out and fall off any moment now."

"Hmph! Shut up!" Elsa was way calmer dealing with Charlie than before. She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "Compared with the women who stared at Mark greedily, at least I know how to restrain myself." Then she uplifted her groomed eyebrows and glanced at Sally who was dressed in a long black evening dress that showed off her curves. "Look at that woman, for example. Ugh. Look at the stupid way she stares at Mark. An outsider might mistake her as Mark's secret lover."

"Huh? You saw that woman? Where?" Evelyn, who had brought too much food, happened to walk back and overheard what Elsa said. She stretched out her neck and scanned across the room with her large eyes.

Even Elsa could notice that woman's unusual stare. Charlie also looked at Sally and realized it at first glance. He furrowed his eyebrows slightly and the expression on his handsome yet devilish face froze. He rubbed his temple as he said, "Addison isn't that kind of man who would randomly abandon a woman. But this woman's a little strange, indeed."

"I'll go ask," Evelyn said. She turned around and placed the food plate in Ezra's hand.

"Wait!" Ezra had both his hands full with the food plates. He wanted to grab Evelyn but his hands were both occupied. Luckily, Charlie reacted quickly and grasped her. Ezra only shook his head helplessly. "It doesn't matter if this woman has anything to do with Mark. Don't get so worked up with this."

"That's where you're wrong!" Evelyn had a serious look on her face. "Mother told me that since Charlie and I are both married already and Mark's still single, she's very worried about him. It's normal for a mother to be worried about her own children, right? As Mother's beloved and most considerate daughter, I have to do something for her!

I have to!" Ezra was speechless and only sighed. He was powerless to stop Evelyn whenever she found a reason to have some fun.

"Mark's business is none of your business," Charlie said and nodded at Elsa. Then he dragged Evelyn to the resting area. "You should be well-behaved and eat your food. None of us should get involved." Addison was gentle but it was under the situation that nothing had irritated him. Addison had always been bold and decisive since childhood and was willing to sacrifice anything to keep their parents stay together. As the future successor of Dragon Island, he would never be the man who would spoil Evelyn.

Everybody made sure not to get in others' relationships. If something went wrong, it was more likely that Evelyn made trouble. Who knew what kind of troubles Evelyn could bring? Although Evelyn liked to have fun, she wouldn't simply just go and do anything as

oked petrified and then glared at Addison. "You boy! You're giving me threats now, eh?"

Addison laughed. His dimples were showing on his face. He looked like a harmless school boy for a moment. "You were the one who was threatening me just now."

Roger curled his lips, snorting. "Anyways, I don't want to think anything about business for now. Later, I'll declare that Henrik will officially take over the Ji Family's business. It's up to the younger generation to decide for the future." He sighed deeply and never felt so powerless. A long time had passed and he was not getting younger anymore. Sooner or later, it would be his time to go. Then he checked his pocket watch and said, "Let's go downstairs. It's almost time. Let's leave the chessboard as it is. If we both have spare time someday, let's play it again."

Addison answered with a small smile and stood up with Roger. Then suddenly, Henrik walked into the study and said, "Grandpa. It's time to go downstairs."

The three of them went down at the same time. Meanwhile, Sally, who just finished changing in the temporary guest room on the second floor, came out with Charlie.

"Just as I expected, white looks better on you than black," Charlie said smiling. "Simple looks more elegant on you."

He was actually referring to the dress but Sally thought he talked with his tongue in his cheek. When she looked at Charlie, he said casually, "Let's go, milady. It's time for the show. We can't afford to be impolite, okay?"

Sally furrowed her eyebrows slightly. Was she just overthinking about his words? Was there no other meaning in what he said? Within that year, nobody knew the relationship between her and Addison except for Rose.

Feeling restless, Sally followed Charlie and walked to the stairs. Then they happened to meet Roger and the others who were walking downstairs. Charlie greeted them politely, "Good evening, Roger, Mark, and Henrik. What a surprise to see all of you here!"

As the four men conversed with one another, Sally wished there was a barrier to keep them from seeing her. She tried not to look at Addison but she couldn't control herself. However, when the men turned around to go downstairs, she realized how narcissistic she was. From the beginning until the end of the conversation, Addison didn't spare a single glance at her.

Sally watched the three men walk downstairs and remained frozen in place. There was a mix of emotions swirling inside her. She didn't know whether she should feel frustrated, happy, or sad.

"Why don't you go downstairs?" Charlie stopped in his tracks and looked at her with a confused expression.

Sally gracefully shook her head and didn't want to see Henrik's playful eyes to be checking her out. "I'll go down later. Don't mind me. If I go to the party with you guys, I am afraid I'll be unable to bear all the stares."

Charlie heard that and nodded in agreement. "All right. I shall accompany you as you go to the other side." He bid goodbye to Roger and led Sally to the stairs at the end of the corridor.

They didn't know that Roger was watching them walk away. He turned to the other two men and joked, "Charlie is such a gentleman. You guys, you need to learn from him."

Henrik looked at Addison who remained calm and indifferent, responding, "I think we're unable to be as nice to a woman as Charlie. Well, he had some practice when he was younger. After all, he did pursue Elsa back then." Then his eyes shifted again on Addison's face unintentionally yet deeply.

Addison looked at Sally and Charlie from behind. His eyes remained sharp yet calm. "I believe it will be difficult for a man who doesn't take relationships seriously." Then he looked back at Henrik's eyes with a warning faint smile. This was different from the leisure he felt when he played chess with Roger.

He had suddenly become grumpy.

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